Recruiting Through the Power of Conversation...

by Doug Firebaugh


The REAL secret to recruiting in network marketing...

If you think about it...

The secret to this business IS conversation, and it is something we all have done for a long time, and many have even mastered.

Then let me ask an obvious question here:

Why do people not use more conversation as a recruiting tool?

Good question....according to psychologists, we hold as adults around 100-150 conversations a day minimum...and these can be very strong recruiting tools if properly utilized.

Have you ever talked to someone and after they have walked away, you thought, "Shoot! I wished I would have mentioned my company or product...?"

Well....nowadays, you really need to be more professional with your approach in conversations, and also in general...people today get hit up a lot by telemarketers and less than professional networkers, and you need to have a much more professional and focused approach that gets their interest when their defenses are down...

That is why conversation is such a great tool...most people during a conversation is at ease and their defenses are at bay...not up...

KILLER Secret:

The power in your words and connection in your relationship can prove to be magnetic to many folks...


If there was a way to ask something that would come across like you are not really trying to carry on a recruiting conversation but a caring conversation...

Would you want to know about it?

Hope so!

There is a question that I have used, and taught for years that seems to really strike a chord with people...and gets them to really think...

And the question is so soft that it usually gets a positive response...

When i used it, it rarely got anything but a continued conversation and interest...

What's the question script?

1) "John....let me ask you a personal question that I have asked some other folks..I'm just curious...what is the biggest concern you have as far as where your future is headed?"

( for kids, retirement...etc)

2) "That really is important to you isn't it?"

3) "Let me ask another question...if I could help you address that concern with a company and program that I have recently run across, would you take a serious look at it and see if it would be something that might be right for you?"

(usual answer is "sure"...)

Then you simply move them into a conversation about your company, product and what else that is deemed appropriate...



Does it work?


Has it proven effective?


Will you try it?

Good question!!!!!!!!

I encourage you to try this "Conversation Recruiting" strategy and see if it works as good as it has for others...

And don't be surprised if you end up with a new person you have sponsored!


Doug Firebaugh (

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