What To Do When You Are About To Give Up

by Sonia Stringer

If you are in network marketing, chances are your commitment gets tested everyday. The sting of rejection, hard work, and massive disappointment can take a toll on even the most seasoned and experienced professionals.

Have you come close to throwing in the towel on your dreams or goals? Ever have one of those days when you question "Why am I doing this?" or thought "This business is never going to work for me?"

As a network marketing coach, my clients sometimes come up against those dark moments when nothing is working, they have given their all and the only sane choice seems to just give up! I tell them not to do it. Why?

Because just ONE decision can significantly determine your future success, or lack of it. The choices you make in those "dark moments" will set the course for the rest of your life. Sink or swim. Rally or run. The choice is up to you.

If you are willing to stick it out and hang through these tough times, they offer you a magical opportunity. You can discover something about yourself that can change your future results dramatically.

Instead of running, REFLECT. Ask yourself some tough questions.

  • Do you have an "invisible" behavior or belief that is limiting you?
  • Is there something in the way you are relating to others that is holding you back?
  • Does your current business strategy or your skills need to be "tuned up"?

I doubt you would discover these subtle, but important distinctions unless you were feeling major pain and were really willing to dig deep and ask difficult questions of yourself. Failure, pain, and disappointment can be your biggest allies; especially if you are willing to discover the underlying sources and make important changes there.

Inspiring ideas, but what do you do when you are really up against your stuff? When all of your failures, disappointments and vulnerability are staring you in the face, what then?

Here are a few keys that have helped me navigate my way through many tough and defining moments. I hope you find them useful.

1. Don't Take It Personally

Do you ever think if your business isn't working there must be something wrong with you?

If you aren't making enough money, are having a difficult time taking action, or sponsoring business builders--don't take it personally. Your current results are not always a reflection of you or what future results you can produce.

Sure, there are probably more skills or knowledge you need to develop and the "feedback" you are getting is showing you that. But it doesn't mean there is anything WRONG with you.

You are NOT your business. You are not your bank account. You are not the 12 "no's" you heard already this week. Those are all external events that have nothing to do with you or your real abilities.

Your potential is unlimited! It may still need to be developed, but you are already a perfect human being. There is nothing wrong with the "person" just because the results aren't there yet.

2. Break Your Pattern and Get Re-Inspired

When you are on the edge of giving up one of the best things you can do is "break your pattern". Meaning, do whatever you have to in order to get out of the emotional rut you are in and feeling better.

Go see a movie, visit a friend, read a good book, take a walk near the beach, or attend an inspiring workshop or service. Put yourself in a more resourceful frame of mind and your challenges often feel easier to resolve.

3. Learn the Lesson Life Is Teaching You

I love the story about Thomas Edison and the fact that it took him over 11,000 attempts before he was finally able to create an effective filament for the electric light bulb.

What kept him inspired through all those failures? He said he learned something from each mistake that was so valuable it inspired him to try again.

When you are struggling in your business and want to give up, what lesson is life trying to teach you?

Where do your skills need to be improved? What insight or knowledge do you not have that you need? What personal changes in YOU must occur for you to create what you want more easily?

Be willing to embrace your challenging times as feedback, not failure. There is some magical gem of an idea, distinction, or insight just lurking there--waiting for you to discover it. Be willing to pick up on these subtle clues, as they often turn out to be the most life changing!

I hope you find these ideas helpful. Feel free to pass this on to someone in your life who may be about to "give up" on something important!

Sonia Stringer is a professional coach who has helped hundreds of network marketers develop profitable businesses.

Visit her website at www.CoachingSchoolForNetworkMarketers.com to access free coaching and business building tools.

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