8 Habits 4 Success
Not all habits are "bad" habits. These eight are proven powerhouses

by John Milton Fogg

HABITS ARE A FACT OF LIFE AND WORK. There are bad habits - ones that undermine and disable you, and there are supportive ones - habits that empower you and assure ongoing positive action and achievement. Following is a list of eight habits you can do every day. They're not the only ones, but they're proven practices that will contribute to success in your Network Marketing Sales business-and in your life.

"Notice when you're thinking about your answer instead of listening-stop, focus on what the other person is saying, and ask more questions."


Successful people in all walks of life and work not only have goals, they also write them down and review them daily. Making written goals keeps the "why" of the business up in front of your face. Written goals assist in keeping you focused, help you get through difficult times, and are more "real" and concrete than dreams in thought.

Knowing where you want to go transforms a "Sunday drive" into a purposeful journey. It is the key to creating success by design-the design you want-and not by luck or accident.


How often are you more interested in what you have to say than in what the person you're speaking with is saying? Do you have more answers than questions? Do you approach conversations with an agenda you want to "get" the other person to "see" or agree with?

Listening is a powerful ingredient for success, yet many of us are not habitually good listeners.

The key to listening is this: Notice when you're thinking about your answer instead of listening-stop, focus on what the other person is saying and ask more questions. Kahil Gibran said that the true teacher does not bring you to the storehouse of his or her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own. Giving people the right information is important, even empowering. Helping them discover what's light empowers them, 100 times more so.


Although many of us have been taught that it's results that count, a focus on results may actually be counterproductive. What if, instead, you focused on your actions-and let the results take care of themselves?

For one thing, it's your actions that create results. So it makes sense that continuous action-what we call being "proactive"-will generate more and greater results. By acknowledging your actions, you give yourself-and others-positive reinforcement. You build a pattern of success.

Focusing on results tends to trap people into "doing it right," rather than just doing it. That's a sure setup for failure. Remember, Thomas Edison reportedly took 999 tries (actions) to make a light bulb (the result). If he'd been preoccupied with the result, we might all still be in the dark.

Consistent action-with each action being completed before you move on to the next-generates the momentum you need to accomplish your goals


If you cant say anything nice . . .

"Focusing on results tends to trap people into 'doing it right,' rather than just doing it. That's a setup for failure. If Edison had been preoccupied with the result, we might still be in the dark."

Theres more than enough negativity and criticism in the world. For every three good things being said on any subject, there are 33 bad comments whispering down the lane. Saying only those things that champion people, companies and causes generates positive word-of-mouth. In a predominantly negative world, that will attract people to you like a powerful magnet.

When you find yourself engaging in negative talk, notice what you're saying, stop, make a positive observation instead-or be quiet. Being known as a man or woman of your good word is something you can put right in the bank-and the interest it earns is both residual and powerful.


Those people never return phone calls-they must simply not care ... Tom said he'd send me literature, but it never came-he's not serious about this business ... We had an appointment at 3:00, but she never showed up, she never even called. I just cant count on her.

These conclusions may not be the truth-but thats how people feel when you dont return their calls, follow through and keep your agreements. Keeping your agreements in a timely manner is both professional and duplicatable - its the kind of action you want to encourage your distributors to model. Imagine how powerful your organization would be if everyone in it could be counted on to do what they said they would?

Most calls dont get returned, letters dont get mailed, appointments arent kept, because of not enough time or not being organized. The truth is, though, that its really a lack of commitment to keep our agreements. Making that commitment alone is a powerful action. Honoring your intention to make and keep your promises is an almost 100 percent guarantee of success.


As an overall rule and with specific calls, placing a time limit on calls increases your effectiveness and reduces your phone bill, too-a classic winwin scenario.

Communications experts estimate that more than 80 percent of what we say is not to the point. Even if you saved only 50 percent of your telephone time by making time-limit agreements, youd have time for twice as many calls. Busy people appreciate being concise and to the point. Its a habit they have.

The telephone may be the most powerful business tool you have-but only if you're actually using it to do the business.


Building your Network Marketing business can be a very busy enterprise. Many of us have a tendency to overcommit. One problem is saying Yes too often-sometimes, way too often!

Being all things to all people is a crazy goal. It simply cant be done. However, most people want to be well thought of, and they want to be there for their people as well. Learning to say No, and when to say it, isnt a self-indulgent limitation. It is a solid expression of what it takes to run your business in the most efficient and effective manner. And, it will also help to promote your people rising up to take responsibility for their own success.

Set a simple goal of saying No three times each day. Dont make it arbitrary. Choose times and subjects where saying Yes doesnt serve you or your enterprise. Say No when you really mean it. Say No when it serves everyone involved.


Focus is vital for your success. Many of us split our focus: writing notes or organizing while on the phone, having two conversations at once, and the frequent trap of the home-based business person-being torn between family and work.

" 'Jack and Jill of all trades' is truly master of none. You've got to concentrate on the task at hand and give it your full attention to succeed. Choice is the key. It leaves your mind free to be fully engaged."

Jack and Jill of all trades is truly master of none. Youve got to concentrate on the task at hand and give it your full attention to succeed. Otherwise, you're ripping yourself or others off. From paying full attention to the person on the other end of the phone, to scheduling your time so that you're not torn between two concerns, the one thing at a time approach is the one that works best.

If you find yourself looting up a phone number while writing a note to someone, stop, make a choice of one or the other, and complete one task before moving on to the next. Choice is the key. It leaves your mind free to be fully engaged in your action.

Distraction saps your energy, leads to fatigue and a lack of productivity. Remember, producing predictable results is what you're after. The ability to focus on one thing at a time will increase the number of wins in your day-and in your career as well.


1)      Write Down Your Goals and Review Them Daily.

2)      Stop-Notice-Listen.

3)      Acknowledge Your Actions Instead of Your Results.

4)      Say Only Things That Champion People.

5)      Make and Keep Your Agreements.

6)      Set a Limit On Your Phone Time.

7)      Just Say No Three Times Each Day.

8)      Do One Thing At A Time.

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