How to Attract World-Class Leaders

by Steve Siebold

If you're going to become a Network Marketing millionaire, you must attract champions into your organization. Champions are found, not made. All they know how to do is win. Don't waste time trying to turn Charlie Brown into Superman. Superman will continue to win and Charlie Brown will likely always be a blockhead. Let the $100K-a-month MLM gurus save the blockheads for now while you concentrate on attracting champions into your organization.

You can recognize champions instantly because they radiate success. It screams at you the second you meet them. I remember the first time I met Bjorn Borg in 1976. At the time, he was the number one tennis player in the world. We were playing an exhibition match in Chicago and he was running late. He finally showed up and humbly said, "I'm sorry I'm so late." Here's a five-time Wimbledon Champion apologizing to me - a ham-n-egger with a lousy backhand! We talked for a few minutes before going on the court and I remember thinking, "This guy has a championship presence." Twenty years later, I did a TV show with him and felt the same magic. This is the effect that champions have on us. I've spent most of my life competing against or coaching superstars and I've discovered the reason they're champions: Confidence. Quite simply, they expect to win. Why? Because they usually do!

These are the people you need to build a strong, profitable Networking empire in the new economy. Forget the never-do-wells and the will-work-for-food types. Go for the champions!

How do you get them? You have to fish for them with the only bait they bite on: other confident people. Champions don't partner with people who don't believe in themselves. They hate to lose, which is one of the reasons they're champions. You must radiate the same confidence they do or they'll jump off the hook. Confidence is the key, and the fastest way to build world-class confidence is this: learning how to speak in public.

Once you can communicate without fear to the masses, you will never be the same. Guaranteed. It's a magical process that can bring you mega-success. After spending the last four years addressing crowds of 10-10,000, I can honestly say that it has taken my confidence beyond what I thought was possible. One-on-one and phone communication are child's play after you have stared down enough audiences. In the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, we have seen hundreds of Networkers literally transform in front of our eyes during the three-day program as they face their fear of speaking and overcome it.

The good news is that this process works at warp speed. It doesn't take long to catapult your confidence by developing superior speaking skills. If you're game, here's how to start the process:

  • Speak at every meeting and training that you can - starting now.
  • Join a local Toastmasters club for experience in front of varied group of people you don't know.
  • Enroll in a professional speech workshop when you're ready to get good.
  • After that, it's practice, practice, practice.

Do this, and you will become a magnet to world-class leaders. They will take the bait, get on your team, and go to the top. Remember - that's all they know how to do!

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