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A great 3rd party endorsement!

by Frank Keefer

It's often said, "Network marketing is a business of duplication." That's true!

It's also said that "Folks will do what you do, not what you say." I don't know if that's entirely true or not.

My experience is that folks will certainly emulate anything that you do wrong but they may not emulate what you do right if they have to stretch or challenge themselves.

For example, direct approaches to retailing or recruiting are routinely taught during new distributor trainings. Overlooked is the fact that new distributors most often lack confidence. Direct approaches are not universally duplicatable.

I have found that the best approach, even for those with self-confidence, is a third party approach because it's takes all of the pressure off of new distributors and, critically important, once they learn it, it's easy for them to teach to others which facilitates the duplication process that you're looking to achieve.

The third party approach is, quite simply, getting another distributor to speak in your behalf or provide product testimony for you. The third party approach works equally well whether in person or on three way calls.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need to use a hot shot to be your third party. You don't. It's not that complicated. Very importantly, you don't want to get new people to believe they need a hot shot either. Except on rare occasions, I make a point of ONLY using new distributors to provide third party validation. They may not know a lot technically but they will speak from the heart. Remember, sales is an emotional business and the enthusiasm and excitement generated by a neophyte will beat the polished presentation of a super star every time. Also, this technique allows your new folks the first-hand communications experience with prospects that is necessary to build their self-confidence.

It's often said, "Originality is concealing your source." That's only true if you want to appear smart and massage your ego. Guess what? I hate to burst your bubble but nobody's going to believe anything that you say no matter how smart you appear but they will have a tendency to believe a third party. So, if you're really smart, you'll stick your ego in your back pocket and let someone else take credit for the brilliance of your presentation by doing the talking for you.

There is an initial step that you need to be aware of even before selling someone on your company or products. That's selling the industry - profession I prefer to call it. You see mostly it's not YOUR company that causes concern. Your customer or prospect may not have even heard of your company. Their concern, most often, is the industry.

It's no secret that we have a history of fly-by-night operations, scam artists and con games that have tainted our reputation. You don't want to focus on it if it isn't brought up but it may be in the back of your prospects' minds so be aware of it. Use the opportunity to highlight the benefits of network marketing. A third party person usually won't do it especially if they are with your company. What you need is a third-party generic source.

Enter Networking Times.

The most effective way to use this resource to validate our profession, is not to hand them an issue or show them a copy during an in-home presentation but to first get them in a neutral, non-threatening environment. No place is more non-threatening than your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Borders or any other bookstore with a coffee shop that is carrying the Times.

Over a hot or cold drink become seriously interested in them (if you're not truly interested in others, you'll never maximize your success). Ask them if they are totally satisfied with their life, if there is anything that they'd like to change. Then question them as to their openness to look at opportunities that facilitate that change. Before springing your profession or company on them tell them,

"If you're really sincere, let me show you something that will interest you."

Grab a copy of Networking Times off of the magazine rack and use it as a generic third party endorsement of our profession and the lives it has changed. Regardless of their background, there will probably be authors in the magazine whom they will recognize, authors who will have credibility with them.

Take a few minutes to point out some specific articles that may be of special interest to them and then, when you are paying for the coffee, purchase the magazine for them and get a commitment from them to read it.

That's the end of the first meeting! Don't overwhelm them. When they come to the conclusion that the network marketing concept is viable and offers them the key to changing their life, you're in business. Selling them on your company on follow up meetings (through a live third party) will be a piece of cake after that!

Make a commitment to yourself to exactly use the approach mentioned above in its entirety with your next five prospects. I can almost guarantee that you will be amazed at the results.

Frank Keefer

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