How to Become Super-Attractive to Prospects, Customers and Business Partners

by Sonia Stringer

I have been studying people and "success" for over 16 years. I have heard all sorts of theories, models and ideas on ways to help people create more of what they want in their lives.

There is one I have come across often amongst the many dusty books, worn out tapes and workshop weekends. I have heard it described in many different ways, although the essence remains the same.

You may know it. It's called the Law Of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states (in my loose definition) that we attract people, situations and opportunities to us. Life doesn't necessarily happen randomly, but that at some level, we are influencing the experiences and results of our lives.

I have to tell you, when I first heard this, I was pretty doubtful.

However, in working with the principles of Attraction, I myself have experienced some interesting changes and quite unexplainable occurrences in my life.

My life has indeed become more "effortless". Although I still definitely put in some hours in my business--people and opportunities "show up" on a regular basis. I think about what I want to create, and it happens, quite often all on its own.

My clients, most of them leaders in network marketing companies, have also been experiencing some quite phenomenal (and otherwise unexplainable) growth in their business as they have worked with and applied these principles.

As they have become "more attractive" they start sponsoring more serious and "attractive" people to their own business.

They tell me they set goals, and then the phone rings or someone shows up unexpectedly who can help them achieve them. They go on vacation and sponsor more people than if they stayed at home. Weird, but exciting, don't you think?

It's kind of like electricity; I can't explain how it works, but I know how to use it.

There seems to be 2 ways people can build a network marketing business.

1. Work Really Hard.

This is the approach many people take. You basically learn some business strategies and come up with a plan, then work like heck until something sticks. Certainly nothing wrong with this, just harder than it has to be.

2. Become Super Attractive.

This approach includes the above, but also focuses on what changes YOU can make to become more "attractive" to people, prospects and opportunities. Rather than working super hard, success starts to find you.

Don't get me wrong, you still have to take a lot of action, even if you are "attractive". It just pays off more. Think "magnet in motion" vs "pushing a large rock up Everest". You get the picture.

Perhaps you would like to experiment with these ideas yourself? They go like this:

"10 Steps To Become Super-Attractive"

1. Have A Lot of Fun - No Matter What

Sometimes building a business can feel a little "heavy". We can start to take ourselves just a little too seriously. Lighten up! Having a ball while building your business will make you extremely attractive to prospects. Make it a goal to radically enjoy every day, not just create results.

2. Develop A Tight Support Team

People who have a lot of support take more risks and have more confidence. They feel loved and nurtured and have a lot to give to other people. Your prospects will pick up on that--everyone wants to have that kind of support in their own lives. Build a strong team of people who are behind you every step of the way and be in touch with them regularly.

3. Tell the Truth--Always.

Nothing beats the truth. Leaders who are confident enough to speak the truth, underpromise and be very direct are highly attractive. You will find people trust and respond to you immediately. The most attractive leaders are vulnerable and "real" with their prospects and their own leaders. Don't wear a mask--be yourself.

4. Stop Judging--Yourself and Others

Have high standards AND be as unconditional as possible with yourself and your team. Don't beat yourself up or criticize yourself--you always do the best you can, even when you don't. The same goes for the people on your team. Accept people for who they are and make them right, no matter what. Leaders who can be this loving and accepting are highly attractive to others.

5. Want a Lot For People

How much do you really want for others? Even though this is business, don't be afraid to get in your heart. When a leader is genuinely motivated by a desire to really help someone (vs another pay check) people feel it. Want a lot for people and tell them what you want for them, daily.

6. Treat Yourself Like Gold

Praise yourself and celebrate you wins, always. Take excellent care of yourself and your physical, emotional and mental health. Take care of your own needs, first, so that you have more to give to others. When you honor yourself this way, others will too.

7. Use Your Money Extremely Wisely

Become very profitable in your business and create some $$ reserves. Educate yourself on how to use and leverage your money. Have "more than enough", even if that means making changes in your budget or your spending habits. Become a great business model to others, not just someone who is "getting by".

8. Enjoy a Great Life--Now!

Don't wait until "some day" to enjoy the things that are most important to you. Re-orient your life around your priorities. Do what you love, as much as you can. Spend time with the people that mean the most. Everyone wants to be able to do more of this. By doing it now, you become a magnet to others.

9. Be Grateful For What You Have

When you are grateful for and truly appreciate what you already have, you will attract more to you.

10. Be Bold and Develop Yourself Radically

Invest in the most important part of your business--you! Take risks, embrace change and get outside your comfort zone. When you make changes in You, your external world will catch up. Develop and grow yourself radically and you will attract others who are ready to do the same!

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