ANMP Special Webinar: Interview with Sarah Robbins

by Garrett McGrath

ANMP Special Webinar: Interview with Sarah Robbins

As part of our new Webinar Series offered by the Association for Network Marketing Professionals called Conversations with the Masters, ANMP President Garrett McGrath will conduct a 45-minute live interview with Master Networker Sarah Robbins, followed by a 15-min live Q&A where you will be able to ask directly to this top leader.

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Sarah Robbins is considered one of today's top network marketing professionals and trainers in the USA. Her unique, down-to-earth style of communicating has captured large network marketing audiences, compelling them to look closely at what stops them from getting the results they want. Sarah is a regular contributor to Networking Times and an esteemed faculty member of Networking University.

If you are a Networking Times subscriber, you can read Sarah Robbins's success story here. To see Sarah's bio and article contributions, CLICK HERE.

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