The Magic Words

by Jackie Ulmer

Don't you love how every great truth in life is a paradox? Mark Yarnell is famous for saying, "You can't say the wrong thing to the right person, and can't you say the right thing to the wrong person."

While I believe this to be true, here is the other part of the truth:

  • What you SAY to people about your business really does make a difference;
  • By simply adjusting some of the words you use and how you engage your prospect, you can increase your success ratio of getting someone to take a look by up to 75 percent.

The biggest mistake most people make when they begin inviting is that they say too much. They give too many facts and figures, too many features of the products, celebrity endorsements, patents pending, and everything else under the sun. The truth is, this is not what matters to your prospect.

You've likely heard the acronym FORM in your networking career, and while it may seem simple, it really is powerful. Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money. Most of the needs of your prospects will involve one of these four areas of life.

Remember, most people are not looking for products, or even a business opportunity. They are looking for solutions to something that is missing from their life. When you get to the heart of what it is that is missing, you will go a long way in getting their agreement to take a look at what you offer.

It starts with first knowing what to say when you are going to begin letting people know about your business and inviting them to take a look. I call this Success Scripting.

Begin by asking questions to determine an interest level. Just as important is to truly listen, with no agenda. What I mean is don't be "waiting in the wings" with a canned answer back about your business.

People love to talk about their favorite subject—themselves. You will become the second most interesting person to them when you are sincerely interested and give the greatest gift of all—listening.

Once you have established rapport, then you can make the invitation to take a look at your business. A short invitation to create curiosity will go a long way toward creating success in getting someone to at least take a look.

Network marketing is typically a SHOW-and-sell business, not a tell-and-sell. The more you talk, the less you make. SERIOUSLY. Your mouth is not a tool and statistics PROVE that using tools to show your business will skyrocket your results. So, let's develop a proven system that we will use over and over to invite, show, and follow up with our prospects.

You also want to develop some engaging juicy one-liners and conversation starters that create an interest, and can serve you once you have made your list and are ready to call. Here is an example:

"Hey Joe, I've only got a minute, I called for a specific reason. Last time I saw you, you mentioned that you are really sick of your job and wanted a change. Were you serious, or just talking?"

Now, you'll fine tune the one-liner to fit the person to whom you are speaking. You can also use a third party approach:

"Hi Sue, I've only got a minute, I'm calling with a specific question. I'm expanding a business project in Nashville and I know you have contacts there. Would you have about 30 minutes sometime soon for me to show you what I am working on and see who you might refer me to?"

Finding people to join your business and/or purchase your products or services is a numbers game. Even though people aren't numbers, working the numbers is what it takes. Not everyone will accept your invitation, and that's okay. We don't need everyone.

People may have stuff going on that makes the timing not right, so let go if they say no. You will be turned down. Don't let this be a discouragement.

Yet 95 percent of us get discouraged when we hear no. It's as though we get caught off guard, thinking everyone was going to say yes to our offer. Just expect no as a part of the business and remember that you don't want just anyone in your team.

Your target market is those people who have a need or desire for what your business offers. You won't know who that is until you ask. Knowing what to say when you ask is important so you can maintain your posture and confidence.

On our upcoming webinar, you will learn some words to avoid and what to say instead; how to ask questions and listen; the power in the take-away; handling objections and other success language skills to take you to the top.

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