The Problem with Procrastination

by Dr. Steve Taubman

About twenty five years ago, I let procrastination cause a permanent and irreparable wound to my soul.

Growing up, the most influential person in my life was my Grandma Flo. She was funny, kind, loving, and wise. She helped me through the sea of painful emotions I was navigating as a result of living in an unhappy home. She taught me tolerance, patience, humor, and how to make really good chicken soup.

As her health began to fail, I saw the writing on the wall, and began to prepare for it emotionally. It was then that I had a brilliant idea. Why not interview Grandma Flo on tape? Why not preserve her memory for all time, capturing her with, wisdom, recipes and stories? Why not create a memento to which I could always turn if I ever wanted to hear her unique voice again?

I bought a tape recorder specifically for that very purpose. I had every intention of bringing it with me the next time I visited her. But I forgot it. No problem, I thought. I'll do it next time. The next time came, and I remembered the tape recorder...but forgot the tape. No problem, I thought. I'll bring one next time. Not that I couldn't just go downstairs to the local store and buy one, but why bother, I thought. There's always tomorrow.

As it turned out, that was my last chance to see her alive. Grandma Flo died a few weeks later. I never interviewed her. I never created that memento. And, I've never gotten over the pain of missing that opportunity.

Each day, we're presented with opportunities. Some which might feed our souls, some which might lead us to financial freedom, some which might strengthen our relationships, and some which might improve our well being. Yet, how often do we seize those opportunities?

From my research on the subject, I'd say that it's far too seldom. We hesitate, avoid, and procrastinate so much that it often becomes our defining feature. And our lives suffer as a result.

There's a large body of research which suggests that procrastinators live lives that are far less satisfying than those who don't delay action. Procrastinators are less healthy, less happy, less affluent, and less successful in relationships than their non-procrastinating equivalents.

As network marketers, there's nothing more damaging to our success than the habit of procrastination. It saps us of will power, it robs us of opportunities, and it leads us to uninspiring results. The trouble is that we have such a poor understanding of why we procrastinate that we seldom find a way out.

If you've been procrastinating in your business or your life, you may want to join me for my discussion with the folks at Networking University, where I'll explain the true nature of procrastination, the eight reasons why we do it, and the strategies that work for eliminating it. I'm going to be putting emphasis on my system for getting things done and for turning ideas into action...and action into results.

I'm fully aware of the irony that those who need this course most are those most likely to procrastinate about taking it. But, I promise you that if you join us, you'll come away with immediately useable strategies to get in action and stay in action. You'll learn that it's NOT just about will power, and that the habit of telling yourself that you're lazy or undisciplined might be working against you rather than for you. And, you might also come away with some clever ideas of how to motivate those in your family who aren't taking action...and why what you're doing now might be making it worse.

So don't procrastinate and sign up now!

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