Network Marketing on a Budget of Absolute Zero

by Dan Hollings

You're a network marketer, right? And certainly you seek to maximize your lead generation on the Internet, on mobile, and through social media, correct? If you're like most, you constantly seek traffic, customers and business. Whether you are promoting online, offline, or on mobile, the key is to seek leads whenever and wherever your time and budget permits.

We've all heard that setting up landing pages, building a lead generation site, posting to a blog, pinning on Pinterest, and a little search engine optimization (SEO) can be good. If we have time, we can create audio podcasts, YouTube videos, and presentations, too. It really boils down to the importance of building a list, sending out newsletters, developing relationships and occasionally (if we're smart) sprinkling in a press release or two.

And let's not forget social media! The Facebook fan page thing, "like" it or not, has become integral to our success. And we tweet like a bird (sometimes wondering why) and well... the list goes on. It's part of being a modern networker in our always connected, always evolving world.

Some call it marketing, some call it lead generation; some call it Internet network marketing. But regardless of what you call it, if done right, it can be a network marketer's best friend. It can make you rich. It can make you poor.

Depending on your goals, your approach, your strategy, and the various tools you may need, all this "marketing stuff" adds up. That's right, it's easy to spend more money on the tools you need than the leads and money you generate.

Have you ever added up all the money required to get this stuff done?

Below is the summary of the monthly expenses for a recent campaign a friend of mine did (check my numbers if you don't believe it). Sure you might skip a few things, but should you? Really?

  • Autoresponder / List Builder (aWeber) $19.00
  • Web Site or Landing Page (Site Tonight or InstaPage) $ 7.00
  • WP blog + Thesis theme + numerous plugins $18.64
  • Hosting (Hostnine) $6.95
  • Shopping Cart (BigCommerce) $24.95
  • Helpdesk Ticket System (Zendesk) $9.00
  • Mobile Site Builder (GoMobi) $5.99
  • Mobile APP (Widgetbox) $25.00
  • Facebook Fanpage Builder + Apps (NorthSocial) $29.99
  • Text Message System (Trumpia) $25.00
  • Webinar Platform (GoToWebinar) $99.00
  • One Press Release per month (PRweb) $89.00
  • Various lead generation tools $175.00
  • Other marketing tools and services $534.52 (OUCH!)

Wouldn't it be nice to do all this and more... literally OUCH-FREE?

What if your lead generation costs went away? That $534.52 just disappeared—Poof! What if you still had access to ALL the marketing tools and services you needed, but your costs were absolutely ZERO!

Even if you needed more tools or different tools, imagine if everything costs ZERO. If you're a network marketer, this might be as close as you ever get to a marketer's heaven.

There is a cure for spending too much money on tools and lead generation. But the first step is overcoming skepticism. Those old clichés like "if sounds it's too good to be true there must be a catch" or "there's no free lunch" or "you can't have your cake and eat it too," those are beliefs from pre-Internet days.

Many companies today have found unimaginable profits in a new way of doing business known as the "Freemium Model." High quality tools and services are given away free and revenue is generated from creative ways (up-sales, advertisement etc).

Examples are right under our nose: Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Dropbox, MailChimp etc. You likely use several of these services already, however, if you write checks to any of these companies, you are in a rare minority.

Here's the secret: if you can learn WHICH tools are the best and HOW to set them up PLUS master the art of weaving smart strategies into this mix, you are on your way to great results, for absolutely zero.

Want proof? I was the Internet strategist behind the mega-million dollar marketing campaign for The Secret. Want to know the biggest secret? It was a zero-cost marketing campaign.

Will it work for network marketing professionals? YES! This is a no-brainer, or should we say, "A ZERO-Brainer?"

Join me in what may be the most compelling webinar you'll experience in 2012. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but importantly... you'll leave with a new found love for the magic of "zero-cost marketing."

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