You Can Do It! - From Procrastination to Productivity

by Judy O'Higgins, Karen Palmer and Kristi Lee

As network marketers, we know we have the perfect vehicle for creating ongoing passive income that can change our lives forever. So why would anyone procrastinate in getting her business started, picking up the phone, or doing the daily activities that lead to success?

Many people who are avoiding these activities are actually facing hidden challenges around belief, time management, and systems that block their productivity. Here are some simple ideas that will help you create belief in your ability to succeed in network marketing, create a space in your life for taking actions that will supercharge your business, and build confidence in your system of working with prospects.

The Role of Belief

To be successful in network marketing requires rock solid belief in three areas: your product or service, your company leadership, and yourself. For women, procrastination in working our business is often the result of negative, limiting beliefs that can sabotage your success-which only serves to reinforce our negative beliefs. Some of these limiting beliefs may sound like, "I have no sales or business experience," "I'm too young, old, shy, inexperienced," or "I have to be perfect to succeed."

To change our mindset about ourselves and our abilities requires work and persistence - it's a process - but our success in network marketing and in life depends on it! Here's one idea to start tackling these negative beliefs:

1. Write down your negative beliefs about yourself so you become more aware of them. Awareness is the first step to change!

2. For each negative statement, write out a positive, affirming statement in the present tense:

Example: "I can't succeed because I have no business/sales experience" becomes

"I have everything I need inside of me to be a huge success in my business!"

3. Make a list of these positive statements about yourself and read them out loud daily.

4. Read them out loud to someone who is supportive of you and your dreams. Then ask them to read them back to you - and take them to heart while listening.

Over time, this simple practice will give you the belief in yourself that you can create the success you deserve!

The Role of Time Management

Another area essential to success in network marketing is time management. Many network marketers are, to paraphrase Jim Rohn, "working full-time on their job and part-time on their fortunes." We all have families and other activities that take our time. Recognizing hidden areas where you may be wasting time is an important way to create space for your business.

First, schedule your computer time. If you find yourself constantly checking in to Facebook or e-mail, you may be wasting more time than you think! Give yourself 30 minutes either in the morning or the evening to check your e-mail and Facebook. You are more likely to find a new customer by doing your daily activities than from checking your e-mail all day!

Second, stop multi-tasking! New studies show that multi-tasking actually takes more time than focusing on one task at a time. When you divide your time between more than one activity, it not only takes more time to get both tasks done, but it makes it more difficult to refocus your attention.

A hidden benefit of implementing these two simple strategies is that you may actually find yourself better able to create real relationships and focus on the PEOPLE in your life. Instead of looking at your smart phone, you can look in the eyes of the people you're with and create real relationships. This will ultimately bring you greater success.

The Role of Language

One thing that prevents people from growing their business is the fear of not knowing what to say, or saying too much. Here are some specific examples you can use and customize for your product or service so you can move from procrastination to productivity:

What to say when someone asks, "So…what do you do?"

    Have a concise one-sentence statement such as, "I specialize in helping (state her profession or role - 'real estate agents, stay-at-home moms,' etc.) like you, (state benefit - 'look and feel their best'), so that you can have more time and financial freedom. NOTE: This is not the time to go through your presentation!

What to say when you call a prospect to schedule a visit:

    "Hi (your prospect), this is (your name) from (your company). We met at (location/event). The reason for my call is, I'd like to schedule a visit with you to get better acquainted and perhaps see if we can help each other's business. NOTE: Again, this is not the time to launch into your presentation!

What to say when you follow up:

    "Hi (your prospect), this is (your name) from (your company). I am calling to see if you've had a chance to try our (your product/service). It would take five minutes to get you started - what would you like to do next?"

For more ideas on overcoming negative beliefs , what to say to prospects, and time and business management for busy women, join us for a one hour webinar through Networking University. We look forward to connecting with you there.

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