Authentic Sales: The Key to Easily and Naturally Increase Your Sales

by Lynn Pierce

There's a lot of resistance when it comes to the word "sales" both in your mind and your prospect’s. Some of it comes from the perception that you have to be aggressive and a different person than you would normally be. Many people feel like they have to be in some kind of magical altered state to deliver a sales presentation, when really, it should be a natural conversation.

What happens during the rapport building phase is you'll be having a normal conversation, and then it's like a switch is flipped, and you go into sales mode when you start talking about your product or business opportunity. That can come from the fact that you may have scripted out talking points or an entire presentation you want to deliver. If either of those things have occurred it can end up going from a normal conversation to sounding, and feeling, very salesy.

What happens then is your prospect puts their wall of defensiveness up. It doesn't do you any good at all to go into the conversation about your business if that's the case. They won’t hear what you’re really saying and they will feel pushed.

If you feel the rapport you just established has gone away, you need to stop, go back, and build the rapport again before you move forward. That's really important because nobody wants to be sold, while everybody wants to be aided in buying, or discovering what they really need and desire.

I few years ago I was asked to work with a sales team of people who had no sales experience what so ever. Their sales manager wanted to start from scratch. He was one of the most amazing salespeople I had ever seen. But he didn't know how to teach what he did, he only knew how to do it. This isn't unusual. Gifted people are amazing at the sales conversation because it's natural to them, and it's a rare person who can dissect that gift and make it duplicable.

His success was also due in large part to his personality and how he connected with people in a way that was uniquely him. So when he created a script for his salespeople, he thought it would be as easy for them as it was for him. What happened was nobody did well with it. They were frustrated and thinking something was wrong with them.  And their sales manager agreed. It worked for him so why wouldn’t it work for them? I’ll tell you why, because that presentation was customized to his personality, as it should be when he's the one delivering it.

He hired me to come in and retrain. What I did was give them a framework, within his basic presentation, along with the understanding of what they were doing and why. That allowed them to create their own presentation that would be natural and comfortable for them to deliver in their own voice.

And voilà, success! They felt confident and relaxed because they were having a conversation that was comfortable and natural to them. They didn’t feely salesy and the prospect didn’t feel pushed. Once they relaxed into a comfortable presentation they were able to focus their attention on what was important to their prospect.

And I achieved these result with this team with the same process I'll be teaching in our class on October 5th.

It allowed those new people with no sales experience to cut and paste their personal story and their way of speaking into the framework of the general presentation they needed to deliver. You can do that too! Once you have that in place you can also take your presentation, and section by section, convert each part of your new presentation to each of the other 3 personality styles, to triple the income you’re making from being effective with your same personality style.

When you understand how easy this is, by being yourself instead of trying to deliver a presentation like someone else, your life and your income will change quickly.

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