Market like a Pro Using Content Marketing and Publishing

by Khai Ng

The Internet has drastically changed the way we do network marketing. Gone are the days where the only ways of meeting new prospects were cold calling, hotel opportunity meetings and sending flyers. Today, the network marketing landscape is dotted with blogs, social media publishing, landing pages, killer sales letters and viral content spreading its unstoppable reach across the Internet.

One of the most valuable currencies of today is content marketing and publishing. Anyone who wields the power of the written word proficiently effectively dominates the Internet as traffic pours in from Google, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of promotional emails by large mailing list owners. This skill can be easily mastered by anyone, even if they can barely write their way out of an 8th  grade English exam.

There are many publishing areas that are really useful for network marketers:

  • E Book publishing
  • Writing services
  • Direct response marketing and copywriting
  • Blogging
  • And many more!

The name of the game is going digital. Therefore, physical books have evolved into the digital format where there is no waiting time for delivery, they can be easily duplicated, they are easier to self publish and distribute compared to physical distribution. Network marketers can take advantage of the digital nature of the Internet and publish their own books or short reports all over the world.

Another good way to generate cash flow on the Internet is through writing services. Discover how selling your services as a writer can be a really good way to generate extra income that will help you tremendously with your marketing costs. Works really well especially when you are just starting out in network marketing.

The fastest, most profitable skill in the world is still copywriting. Never has there been any other skill on the planet that comes as fast as its ability to generate income in a short period of time. Some sales letters have the ability to generate a million dollars worth of sales in just a few hours. Amplified by the leverage on the net, sales letters and landing pages are now one of the most essential tools for network marketers as they sell 24 hours a day without collecting salary, overtime pay and never goes to sleep.

Last but not least, is the power of blogging. Blogs are a search engine traffic magnet as Google loves newly updated content and interaction (like comments). If you can express yourself and give good information, blogs will be your best friends when it comes to expanding your network marketing business, building rapport, getting traffic and keeping your downlines in the loop.

The majority of this Webinar will focus on where to source for useful content and market it in the right places. Once you get your hands on good content, you will learn where and when to publish them. Learning what words to use, what to say, when to deploy your killer offer (through words) and build rapport is easy because you do not need to face rejection head on and it offers additional sources for you to market your business to the right prospects.

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