The Mindfulness Process for Successful Network Marketing

by Dr. Steve Taubman

It’s remarkable to me how often I hear comments from network marketers, even immediately after hearing motivational speakers and industry leaders explaining exactly how to succeed, that run along the lines of, “That was great, but I wish I could just stop sabotaging myself,” or “That was inspiring, but I wish I could motivate myself to stay on track.”

It’s a fascinating thing to contemplate. We hear the right words, believe ourselves to be gaining knowledge and drive, and yet we continue to simultaneously lament our inability to do anything with the words we hear.

Imagine teaching someone how to bake a cake. You tell them the exact ingredients, have them stand by your side as you mix them together, show them the proper baking temperature, and put the mixture in the oven. An hour goes by, and you remove a beautiful cake, placing it on the counter and looking expectantly at your student. She takes a look at the cake, looks at you, shakes her head, and says, “That’s incredible. I wish I knew how to bake a cake like that!”

That’s the experience of many motivators and industry leaders. They give the recipe, watch for understanding and excitement from their students and followers, satisfy themselves that they’ve transmitted the necessary information, and leave assuming that their message will be followed.

Yet how many people actually follow through? And how many people listen to all the right words and still leave thinking, “Great. Now if only I could learn how to do that!”

What’s wrong? What’s missing? Why do so many well spoken and well intentioned words go to waste?

The answer is quite simple, and it has to do with the function of the human brain. Our minds are so powerfully designed to maintain the status quo that only a fraction of what we hear actually goes in. Most of the words that are spoken to us are filtered out from ever reaching the part of our minds where real change takes place. They may sound good and feel good at the time, but they’re not making a difference.

If you were a smoker and I were to tell you how healthy you’d be if you stopped, you’d listen to me, smile, and imagine for a moment the vibrancy you’d experience, the freedom from addiction, the monetary savings, and all the rest. Then, you’d pick up a cigarette and start smoking it. The information was good, valid, and even nice to hear. But it was worthless in terms of affecting behavioral change.

Now, look at your business. Are there things you know you should be doing; actions you know would produce positive results? Have you heard your teachers, leaders, and motivators explaining these things to you ad nauseam? Yet you’re not doing them to the extent that you could. Why?

The words have not reached the “action center” of your brain. They’ve been blocked by your “reticular activating system” which is the filter that reinforces your current mental patterns and keeps you from seeing what conflicts with those patterns. It’s the part of your brain that starts seeing red Honda Accords everywhere once you’ve bought one of your own.

Though we’re loathe to admit it, we all have “blind spots;” areas of our consciousness that don’t respond to knowledge and logic. The only way to create true and lasting change is to find a path through the mental filters; the old outmoded beliefs and patterns; to the deeper parts of our minds.

Psychologists speak of the conscious and the subconscious mind. The first is the part we’re aware of. The part we’re in touch with. It’s our day to day thoughts. The second is the deeper recesses of our minds. It’s the home of our beliefs, our attitudes, and our imagination. Whenever the two come into conflict, the subconscious always wins. It’s hard to overpower your subconscious using will power. It’s too entrenched and we identify with it too strongly.

When we use methods to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, we begin to gain access to real change. Once we remove old and useless messages from that part of the mind, and we replace them with new and resourceful messages, change becomes not only easy...but inevitable.

It may be said that the entire path to improving ourselves and our businesses is a path of self-discovery or “mindfulness.” It’s all about making the unconscious conscious. It’s about raising our awareness of the ways we’ve allowed ourselves to stay faithful to an old set of mental programs, and from a place of consciousness and power, to rise above them.

Over the last several years, I’ve been experimenting with a combination of subconscious mental training techniques, and I’ve created a proven delivery system for increasing consciousness and decreasing mental blocks. I look forward to sharing this with you in our upcoming Webinar and introducing you to the UnHypnosis Method for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.

Until then, begin to notice how often you trap yourself behind fear, judgment, self-sabotage, and overwhelm. And, know that in our next conversation, I’ll provide you with the perfect antidote.

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