How Understanding Other Personalities Can Double Your Income

by Lynn Pierce

Is it really necessary to have a complete working knowledge of personality styles to be successful in networking? Only if you’d like more income without increasing either your time or effort. It’s such a small thing when you think about it; learning how other people think, speak and make decisions.

It sounds like something you’d do naturally out of common courtesy, doesn’t it? And yet, for the most part, it’s either done superficially or incorrectly, it’s done at all. All you have to do is go to YouTube and catch any clip from a reality show to see people mis-communicating because they don’t understand who they are talking to or how to have real conversations with someone who is an opposite personality style.

Yes, it makes for great TV, but it also creates terrible relationships in your business or your life. One look at the train wrecks that go on each week on a show like “Celebrity Apprentice” will give you clear examples of what can go wrong when you don’t know how to successfully communicate with people whose personalities are different from yours.

In terms of increasing your income, think about it...

If you delivered the same presentation you do now and tweaked it to be more effective with just one more personality style, your results would double, wouldn’t they?

You don’t have to be a born salesperson or even an extrovert to be more successful. It’s simply a matter of communicating in a way that lets your prospect clearly see and feel how much you care about their success. The problem is that you’re likely communicating to them in the way you would like to feel heard and understood. If their personality is different from yours, it’s like you’re trying to communicate in two different languages. They hear the words, but those words have a completely different meaning to them.

The good news is that with a little specific knowledge, you can be 95 percent of the way to yes before you ever start talking about your product, your company or anything to do with your business. You can do this simply by spending 5-10 minutes up front. In fact, subconsciously, your prospect has already decided if they want to do business with you before you ever start talking business.

You can attract people who want to give you money by making a shift in how you spend those first few minutes of your conversation. You just have to be you, having a conversation that comes from your heart, in alignment with who you are, and equally as important, in a communication style that connects with the heart of your prospect.

It goes back to being courteous. This is not about manipulation. If we were riding in your car and you saw that I was shivering because you had the air conditioning on full blast, you’d immediately change it to make it comfortable for both of us, wouldn’t you? Now you can learn to do the same thing with the way that you speak to people. And each time you learn to communicate clearly with another personality, you’ll effectively double your results.

When you feel comfortable with what you’re saying and how you’re presenting it, your income will soar. So the first place you want to start is with you.

Chances are you’re not like the person who brought you into the business. If you’re trying to sound like them or duplicate their energy level when you present, it’s coming across as not being authentic to your prospects. Again, it’s a subconscious feeling they have, but it influences whether they will do business with you.

The most important thing for you to do is give a presentation in the way you naturally speak and that you have a conversation that sounds exactly like a conversation you’d have with a friend. You can’t have a presentation mode. That’s what makes people feel like they are talking to a salesperson rather than a real person. It’s almost impossible for someone to feel like you’re pushy when you’re being authentic and having a real conversation from your heart — in a language they understand.

When your prospect says ‘no,’ or ‘I have to think about it,’ it’s likely they’re getting a feeling that they can’t put their finger on. Although consciously everything you said made sense, they can’t bring themselves to say yes. It just doesn’t feel right.

Up until now, you may have assumed it was the company or the product or even that they didn’t like you. The reality is that it’s probably miscommunication based on you delivering your presentation in a way that isn’t authentically you. Thus, the most important thing you can do is have a conversation that is real for you.

Right now, you’re probably only bringing people into your business who are close to your personality. The quickest way to increase the size of your team and your income is to re-language your presentation. I’d like to help you with that. During my webinar on May 11th we’re going to talk specifically about how you can have different conversations with different people, all within the framework of your current presentation. I hope you’ll join us.

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