Follow Your Vision, Realize Your Dreams

by Sue Cassidy

Why is it that some people you know could fall backwards out of a window and land on a feather bed while in other cases, helpers could be standing below holding a giant mattress and somehow the person would end up on the sidewalk?

What is it about some people that makes others want to be around them, touch them and emulate them?  The simple answer is ENERGY. Energy is real. It is measurable and we can feel it. We can walk into a room and know whether it has good vibes or bad vibes. We can pass someone in the street and instinctively know that it would be a big mistake to make eye contact with them.

What kind of energy are YOU putting out? Are you a people magnet? Do you attract your dreams and make them reality? If not, you better begin looking at your energy field.

It all starts in your head. Your brain is firing electrical impulses like crazy. The sparks that emanate from the brain are the triggers for everything else that follows in your life. Those sparks precipitate an impulse, a thought, an action and a result of that action. It’s a chain reaction.

Over time and repetition, we develop beliefs about ourselves and about life in general. Some may be true and some may be false, but we believe them and we unconsciously act out those beliefs whether they support our goals or not.

In my journey I have learned something profound. It has taken me years of “failure” to realize that it all starts with belief. What I realized was that I never actually failed. I got exactly what I wanted. I got what I believed I deserved. I was living evidence.

If you have an unconscious block, no matter what you do, you will stop yourself from getting what you want or what you THINK you want because you don’t believe you deserve it. Your goal is in direct conflict with your belief.

Believe you can achieve your goal. Believe you are doing what you want. Take the action to do it and eventually, you will achieve your goal.

My own process begins with guided journaling and my vision board. First I set my goals, then, by journaling, I can uncover any unconscious blocks I may have. Once I have done that, I use my images as visual reminders of what I want, then I take consistent action towards my goals.

Another critical aspect of vision boarding is to have a burning desire that goes with you everywhere—your PURPOSE. Purpose is like your skin, your breath, your shadow. No matter what you are feeling or thinking or what is going on in your life, your purpose never waivers. It is the fuel that drives you forward. It is what is left when the original excitement has left you. It becomes what you do with the vision board and the journaling after that work is done.

Based on your belief, your purpose and your actions, you can then begin designing the life of your dreams.

Anyone can do the process of journaling and vision boarding. The more senses you use and the more tactile it is, the better. That is why I designed The LifeBoard, which uses color and basic feng shui principles. It also uses a unique guided journaling process. I offer Workshops so that people can learn how to discover the aspects and qualities of their “Ideal Self” and their “Ideal Life”. It’s really fun to do it in a group, but you can also do it alone, as long as you have a notebook, a piece of cardboard roughly the size of a desk calendar, some magazines and other accoutrements that speak to the goals you want to achieve in different areas of your life.

Achieving success is a process that never ends. It’s a journey, not a place. Goal setting is an art. Dreams are beautiful and they can be the spark that ignites a goal. If you have big dreams but they just don’t seem to manifest in your life, it’s time to take a good, hard look at the stuff you can’t see and stop expecting those dreams to just drop out of the sky and land in your lap. You are the master of your destiny and with a plan, some awareness and consistent action, you can follow your vision and realize your dreams.

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