How to Distinquish Yourself in Network Marketing

by Rosie Bank

There are three assumptions you should make as you build your network marketing business.

Assumption #1: There are lots of other people who are building network marketing businesses.

Assumption #2: People who are considering your products and services are probably also talking with your competitors.

Assumption #3: Your prospects are comparing your products and services on-line, reading reviews, and enabling themselves to be about a hundred times more educated than the average consumer was before the advent of the Internet, Yelp, Word press and Facebook.

Six Ways to Stand Out in the Crowd

  • Consider the long view. What if you were to stick with your career for ten years? Might you not get greater rewards than someone who just drops by the profession for a visit? Imagine the credibility, confidence and competence you would have earned after ten years. Not everyone stays the course so there is plenty of room. If given the chance, wouldn’t you choose an airline pilot, a surgeon, or a general contractor who has been at it for ten years, compared with a rookie? You can become that expert.

    If you are new, team up with someone with more experience. You can say, “My business partner has been at this for a very long time. She will be able to answer all your questions.” Stick around until that super-competent person is you.
  • Your Business is an Entity. Imagine that you are not only paid on what you sell, but for what you build. Think of your business as a container that holdsour customers, prospects, repeat business and referrals . That business entity pays you, the entrepreneur. This is a bigger picture that goes beyond thinking about what you will sell today. If you expect to make a living on what you are able to sell, as opposed to what you are able to build, you will be tethered to your job for an indefinite period of time.
  • Have steely determination. In business, as anywhere else, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. If you know there will be bumps, you can plan on getting over them. When you have identified your reason for your chosen field and have goals that include financial benchmarks plus a passion for serving others, you have a Why that is locked in like an interest rate. You give nothing or no one the power to derail you or to take your dream away. Nothing can rob you of the empowering satisfaction that comes from completing what you came to the business  to create.

    When you have steely determination, speed bumps and unexpected disappointments fortify your drive because you know you just got stronger. You embrace each opportunity to recommit. What part of serving others and making their lives better would you do even if you did not make money doing it?
  • Be resourceful. When you go to market, whether your business is virtual or brick-and-mortar, you distinguish yourself by the quality and quantity of information you have for others to learn what you do. You should have the best materials in order to address what different people need and want in order to select you as the provider for what they are looking for. Help people understand what you do and help them connect the dots to see if it makes sense for them to work with you. Don’t make anyone work hard to know exactly what your products and services can do. If you are unclear, your prospects will be confused and take their business elsewhere.
  • Own Your Brand. Be a walking billboard for what you promote. Ask yourself what a client would look like who got the most benefit from your products and services, and become that person. Speak from your own experience about how you have personally benefitted from what you sell. Make sure your story is concise, well-rehearsed, and void of any drama or negativity. Emphasize the positive outcome and get on with serving the person you are working with. When telling your story, finish by saying to your prospect, “And what this has to do with you is...”
  • Speak the language. Sure, have a great elevator script. But be aware that helping someone is an interactive process. It does not occur during a lecture, it occurs during a conversation. Your words do not come out of a can, they come out of your heart. Be genuine with your prospect, connect with her in present time. Since you don’t know this person, you must ask questions. Make helping someone personal to her. Speak all aspects of your business and products fluently.

    Be the one who cares the most about the other person. Leave your financial goals at the door when listening to someone. Your willingness to connect is coupled with your willingness to serve. You inspire someone to want to work with you because of your sincerity. As the one who inspires, you have distinguished yourself compared to someone else who has not gone the extra mile.

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