The #1 Success Essential — Connection

by Dianne Collins

When I talk to professional networkers, a few familiar themes always come up: How do I generate more leads? How do I manage my team? What are the best strategies for making more money? Those are the standards.

Another "theme" sometimes crops up that is a little bit different, one that is especially important right now: Is the business changing, (it certainly seems to be), and how do I fit myself in to the way it's changing? How do I know which product(s) to sell? How do I know which organization is the best one for me? What are the best methods for prospecting?

Often we look to people who have already achieved the level of success we aspire to. You can ask people in your business all day long what they did to become as successful as they are. The likelihood is, though you will gain valuable insight and tips and techniques, their way will not be your way.

Though we all have much to learn from the master achievers, their way may not necessarily be the right method for you. The reason for this is simple: The great paradox of being human is we are universally the same and individually distinctly unique.

Connection Is Key
As network marketers you realize it really is all about the quality of the connection, whether you get heard, noticed and engaged with, and who and what opportunities attract your way. How do we generate such powerful connection?

Know Thyself
The early Greek philosopher Socrates advised us to Know Thyself. Why is connecting to yourself important to your business success? When you know yourself and feel comfortable and confident in that knowledge and connection, you make it very easy and natural for others to connect with you. Then, rather than it being a chore or something to fear, connecting with other people becomes a pleasure you look forward to.

When you connect to your passions and purpose and when you become aware of your natural rhythms, you connect to yourself.

Let's approach this from a core quantum principle:

Everything in nature gets accomplished through patterns of relationship.


Here is a short exercise to help you distinguish your uniqueness by noticing the patterns that run through your life. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do people come to you for? What requests do others make of you?
    This is one of the best clues to your purpose. Other people, though they may not even realize it, recognize your unique talents and traits, and come to you for those qualities.

    Tip: Answer the questions specifically. Don't just say, "They come to me for advice." Discern what specific kind of advice they come to you for. Identify what traits in you make you an expert in giving that kind of advice or coaching.

    When you distinguish your talents specifically, you strengthen them and you are more likely to express them powerfully in a way that serves others.

  2. What kinds of people attract your way repeatedly throughout your life?
    What topics, industries, environments are magnetic to you?
    For example, when traveling in another state or country, do you always seem to meet people in the music industry, the telecommunications industry, or in the financial industry?

    Tip: These are clues to the type of prospects and team members you will naturally resonate with. If you become aware of this attraction, success will flow more easily.

  3. What activities do you find yourself typically doing, regardless of who you are with or where you are? What do you enjoy most about the activities you engage in on a regular basis?

    For example, you may love social media and communicating using new technologies. Or perhaps you love to perform, you love to be dramatic or sing. Can you incorporate that into the way you like to connect with people?

One of the reasons someone else's method may not work for you is that you actually don't enjoy what they enjoy doing. You've heard it before and it is worth reiterating: your success is likely to come from doing what you love to do, and applying and adapting those activities to your network marketing business.

We are in a new time.
Everyone living in this time of great transition and change knows we have to think in a new way and make some change in the way we've always done things

The one change we can all make is redefining the way we relate to ourselves. If you have been in the business for a while, perhaps the formula you used successfully for prospecting is really no longer effective, yet you just haven't allowed yourself to let it go.

If you are new to the business, perhaps you have been hanging onto some concept about your ability to connect with new people. It isn't the truth—it is an old identity you can just drop now, and relate to yourself in a more desirable and productive way.

How do you connect with me right now?
Although you and I probably don't know each other, when you tune in, do you realize that I am writing with a specific intent—to offer something of practical, emotional and spiritual value to you—that derives from wisdom and experience, talents and gifts and traits uniquely coming through me?

Just in my expressing that to you, do you experience being closer to me already? I can tell you more by sharing with you a new system of thinking known as QuantumThink®. This system can expand the way we relate to life through thinking principles in tune with nature, science, and spiritual knowledge, all for the purpose of being more effective and even masterful at creating a great life.

If you are resonating with me and my message, the next question you may have is, okay, what can you offer me? What do I do next to continue and further develop our connection? What just happened? I haven't attempted to convince you of anything. I am not trying to "sell" you on who I am or promote my products. All I am doing is establishing a connection with you.

You can practice this quality of connecting with everyone and anyone you meet. You always have the opportunity to let someone know you and connect to you through expressing your deepest intent for that person, even if you have just met.

Work-Life Balance
When you are connected to yourself and living an integrated life aware of your purpose and passion, the illusion of separation between "work" and "life" disappears.

Everywhere you go and everything you like to do is an occasion for connecting with people who resonate with you and who will be drawn to your business. In the quantum world no pushing or pulling is required.

When you are clear and comfortable about who you are and what your intent is, the opportunities will present themselves. It's your job to notice them and simply step in and step up to them by taking appropriate action, then watch the magic of connection unfold.

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