Three Simple Ways to Add Hundreds of Leads to Your Email List

by Sonia Stringer

Many network marketers are already using an email lists to stay connected with their prospects and customers and generate new business. Did you know there are simple ways to easily add hundreds and even thousands of qualified leads to your email list? As this list of email contacts grows, your business will also grow with it, allowing you to build your customer base in other cities and countries.

Growing your email list doesn't have to take a lot of time. In fact, there are 3 simple things you can do right now to expand your list and start connecting with new, qualified leads.

1. Collect Emails at Your Home Parties, Classes and Business Presentations

Many people set up home parties or classes with the primary goal of generating new product sales and a secondary goal of recruiting new business partners. A more important goal is to use every one of these events to add new contacts to your email list.

Studies show that it often takes people at least seven "exposures" or interactions with you and your business before they are ready to buy — or join your team.

Elegantly collecting the contact information of everyone you meet means you can leverage this initial contact into a more valuable, long-term relationship and capture future sales and business which might otherwise fall through the cracks.

You can inspire people to give you their email address by offering them something of value like a special report, interesting article or some other gift or bonus. You can also entice people with special discounts on products and exclusive invitations available only to people on your list.

2. Collect Email Addresses on Your Website

90-95 percent of the people who visit your website will click away without buying anything, and most of them will not return.

Rather than lose those contacts forever, add a simple opt-in form on your website where visitors can give you their email address in exchange for something of value. Bonuses like free reports products samples, exclusive invitations and newsletters can all be enticing ways to create value for your contacts and collect their emails in the process.

3. Use Social Media to Build Your Email List

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for finding and connecting with hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of ideal prospects. You can connect with all kinds of qualified prospects on these sites, including stay at home moms, corporate executives and other professionals, teachers, realtors, nurses, baby boomers, college students — people who are the perfect fit for your products and business opportunity.

These sites are an especially great opportunity if you want to build out a new customer base or down-line beyond your own local area. A major limitation with these social media sites, however, is their tight limitations on how and when you can communicate with your network. The smarter way to utilize social media is to use them to connect with new prospects and then invite these new friends to opt-in to your email list. Once you have someone's email address, you have total control and freedom to contact them directly, share special offers and educate them about your business.

How can you entice people onto your list using social media?

a) Offer something valuable and include a link to your website where people can opt into your list to receive the bonus or gift. Post this on the wall of your own profile or share it on the walls of groups or fan pages related to your target market.

b) If you have a Facebook page set up for your business, be sure you have an opt-in form in an obvious place with a special offer so you can collect emails from fans and others who stumble across your page.

c) You can use paid ads on Facebook to reach a specific audience with your message and then direct them to your website where they opt-in for a free bonus. When used properly, ads can be a highly effective way to build a large email list of extremely qualified prospects.

Once on your email list, you can continue to build a more personal relationship with your contacts and add value to them (by sharing useful information, tips, resources and special offers). You can publish a monthly newsletter providing valuable content — and use this to "softly" promote your products and generate some new sales in the process.

Anyone who is generating a sizeable income using the internet will tell you that an email list is their greatest asset! As you add more and more contacts to your list, add value and build a more personal relationship with them, you can easily generate new sales and recruiting opportunities on a consistent basis.

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