Have You Discovered Your Magic?

by Lisa Marie Platske

As a kid, I loved Sesame Street. One of my favorite characters was Mumford the Magician. With the simple phrase, "A-la Peanut Butter Sandwiches" and the wave of his magic wand, everything was right with the world. Well, not quite. Mumford is great at magic, but not at predicting how his tricks will work out. Like many direct sellers I've worked with as clients, he's got the magic, but isn't sure how to use it to get tangible results.

We all bring a bit of magic to our businesses. It's our personal touch, our secret sauce that makes others say, "Lead the way — I'm following!"

Why did you get into network marketing?

Was it for the MONEY that would let you purchase anything you wanted, for yourself or for your family?

Was it for the TIME it would free up to allow you to focus more on the people you love the most?

Or, was it for the PERSONAL FREEDOM of not having a boss to answer to, of finally being able to make decisions that made sense to you?

Chances are that one or more of these three was a HUGE motivating factor to finally jump in and say "YES!" to the amazing world of network marketing.

Unfortunately, as you're probably experiencing right now, these three reasons are essentially myths for the vast number of direct sellers or network marketers.

MYTH #1 - Being a Network Marketer Will Make You Rich

While it's true that a career in direct sales is a business that can indeed make you wealthy in the LONG TERM, in the short term, it does require you to invest money to get started and then to reinvest your profits to keep growing.

MYTH #2 - Being a Network Marketer Creates More Time

You might be laughing at this one, especially if you've been in business for more than a year or two. You've learned that network marketing still involves running a business — your business — and that means always being on call and doing what's necessary to serve your customers, close the deal, and basically get stuff done.

Being a direct seller often means LESS leisure time to spend with your family and friends and more hours spent building your business.

MYTH #3 - Being a Network Marketer Will Set You Free!

Lots of people get involved in direct sales because they're sick and tired of working for someone else, making the boss wealthy while everyone else just gets by.

Unfortunately, unless you have the right systems and structure in place, unless you have the right internal and external team on your side, unless you have a mentor to guide you around the pitfalls, more often than not, you quickly become a slaveto your business!

The top network marketing and direct sales producers understand that time is finite. We all get 24 hours in the day. What we do with those 24 hours differentiates the top producers from the solid performers.

If you're ready to begin overcoming these myths of business success and start realizing the results you desire and deserve, you need to work on The 7 Pillars of Leadership Success: Plan, Personality, Partnerships, Presence, Priorities, Progress, and Personal/Professional Development.

  • Plan: Know what you want and why you want it. Then, write it down!

  • Personality: Be aware of your strengths and understand how your personality affects what you want and the process of getting it.

  • Partnerships: Invest in what you do best and network the rest by creating powerful partnerships through shared interactions.

  • Presence: Understand how your physical image affects getting what you want; be present to life's miracles; and have an Upside attitude of gratitude, being grateful for challenges and opportunities.

  • Priorities: Identify where you're spending the best hours of your day and ensure that you're in alignment with your values.

  • Progress: Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. Examine your P&L statements, and spend time identifying what's working and what's getting in the way.

  • Professional Development: Further develop who you are to get you closer to your definition of success.

Your vision, dreams, and life purpose are the roof, resting on The 7 Pillars of Leadership Success, so these must be strong to enable you to experience success as you lead your life in the direction you choose. 

Remember, leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. Where are you headed? Who is following you? Are you going someplace worth following?

Are you ready to get started on your magical journey?

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