Why You Should Be Out There Speaking Your Business

by Arvee Robinson

Remember the last business meeting you attended? What drew you there? It wasn't the networking or the rubber chicken. It was the speaker. You wanted to learn the speaker's insights into his or her topic.

And you already looked at that speaker as an expert before you ever walked in the door, didn't you? Think about it. What was going through your head when you read the announcement about the upcoming presenter? That the person is an authority, right?

You can do the same thing. When you give a talk to an organization, let's say your local chamber of commerce, they'll advertise the event in advance by sending a meeting notice announcing you as the speaker.

That announcement will include the title of your talk, a brief biography, your picture and the five to seven bullet points you want your audience to hear that will draw them like a magnet to your presentation. You are now considered the expert.

Voilá! You've gained instant credibility. You're audience will see you as believable; trustworthy and authentic. You must create this perception if you want to persuade your audience to listen to you, buy from you or take action at the end of your talk. People must believe you and trust that you are telling them the truth. Otherwise there is no sale.

Speaking positions you as an expert in your field.

When you speak to a group, your audience will get to know you as a person. This is important because we buy from people we know, like, and trust. Speaking correctly is the fastest way to create all three. For instance, your audience will get to know you through your personal story. They will get to know you through your words, actions, and body language. Your listeners will get a sense of who you are and decide almost immediately whether or not they like you.

Also, like attracts like. When your audience likes you, it means that you are like them. Consequently, you will attract only your ideal clients and customers. These people will resonate with you and your message and chances are they will become a client for life.

The beauty of this is you'll never again work with those hard-to-please clients who want to steal your time and energy for free. Instead, you will attract raving fans that will happily buy from for you over and over again.

Speaking in front of groups is an inexpensive marketing strategy.

I remember when I first started my business I met a woman who owned a marketing and graphics firm. She told me I needed to spend a minimum of $10,000.00 for designing marketing materials. This included designs for a website, logo, letterhead and who knows what else. I declined and ran like the wind. And so should you if anyone ever tells you that you need to spend this kind of money on developing marketing materials.

You can spend even more time and money on flashy websites, blogs, and ezines. My first year in business, I didn't even have a website or any of other fancy marketing stuff. Instead, I attracted clients and grew my business solely by speaking! And you can do it too because speaking is a learned skill. Speaking done systematically is the only marketing strategy I know of that is guaranteed to get clients for little or no cost.

Speaking costs practically nothing. All it takes to deliver a 20-to 60-minute talk is your time and some gasoline to get there. Some groups will even pay for the gasoline. Plus, when you are the guest speaker, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, they feed you. Who said there no such thing as a free lunch? I've been eating for free for years. Better yet, when you speak in front of a group, they can't toss you in the trash can like they can written materials, or hit the delete key as with internet marketing. They have to listen.

Speaking is leverage.

Speaking is leverage. When you speak to a group you are speaking from one-to-many instead of one-on-one. You can reach more people in the same amount of time. Think about it. If you were to call or visit 25 prospects, how long would that take? Days, weeks, years?

With speaking you can easily reach 25 to 100 people in less than one hour. And the best part is, you will know in which members of the audience are your potential clients. Remember, the clients that like you and want to work with you will make themselves known. Now it's no longer a cold call, it's a hot lead!

These are just four of the BIGGEST benefits you get from speaking and why you need to get out there and speak. There are also personal benefits to speaking such as instant recognition, exotic travel, higher income, feeling confident and being sought after, to name a few.

With public speaking, it doesn't matter what business you are in, what matters is what you say, how you say it and where you say it. And these are things you can learn.

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