I Just Donít Have Time!

by Dr. Laura Aridgides

If I received a dollar for every time I heard, "I just don't have time!" in my coaching career, I would be very rich. Time management, or more accurately, the lack of time management holds many back from achieving the success they know they could achieve... if only there was more time! Life moves quickly and while there is truth to the saying that, "You make time for what is important", there are also things that you can do to help leverage your time.

In networking, you must allot time to generate leads, follow up with prospects and support your team. These essential business activities are needed to keep your business growing and productive. And, as your business grows, many struggle with balancing time between personal growth and team growth.

To compound the issue, many networkers are also working full-time or part-time, and taking care of a family. Therefore, successful networkers must balance work and family, without compromising either.

What's the secret? There are several things you can do to create balance and leverage time. One of the most important is organization. We all know organization is not a "glamorous" part of business, but if you were to look at the top performers, you will find that, almost without exception, they have good organizational skills and are efficient with their time. Without solid organization systems in place, you will constantly be searching for your prospect's phone number, or a piece of paper with directions to your next appointment, etc.

The good news is that organization can be learned! The solution is to set up organizational systems, such as a lead binder, that will end up saving valuable time. Good organization is one of the foundations to a successful business.

Another area that you can tackle is time management. By incorporating several time management techniques into your schedule, like eliminating common time wasters, you can also leverage your time and get more done.

When you combine the two, organization and time management, you create a powerful synergy that can propel your business to new heights of productivity.

Similarly to what networkers experience, one of the most frequent objections I hear from prospects is, "I don't have enough time." When you have learned to master time yourself, you are now in a position to help your prospect do the same.

The reality is that working a network marketing business takes less time than most prospects think. Once you learn proper time management and organizational skills, you can tell your prospect, "If I could help you find the time, would there be anything else holding you back from joining my team?" You are now in a position to increase your sponsoring rate by helping others overcome their organization and time management challenges.

Over my eleven years in business, I have simplified the process of creating systems, getting organized and becoming a master of time management. Tune in to my webinar to learn my top 10 organization strategies, 7 secrets to saving time, and several systems that I use in my business to help streamline and simplify which will help you increase productivity and profit in your business!

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