Learn How to Get Paid to Play

by Garrett J. White

Have the daily activities in your business and life become work? Does it feel like making money in your business is a burden and just way too hard?

What If I told you it is possible to not only love what you do but that you can stop working and start playing—and get paid for it?

Everyone can relate to the typical situation of waking up, working hard, collapsing at the end of the day, going to sleep, waking up and doing it all over again. For most folks, life has become a function of working to live instead of living to play. That is right: I said living to play.

As children we had no issue with the idea of playing: everything we did was a game and we lived in constant excitement about the next amazing situation of discovery and expansion of self.

Then we got old and boring. We forgot who we were and our purpose in life. We started to believe that life was about work, survival, struggle and just getting through the day. We stopped searching to manifest what we want, and instead defaulted to the bare minimums. Sad, isn't it?

Truth is, life is too short to waste any more time doing something you hate today in order to get paid so that later in life you can do something you love. I believe that learning how to get paid to play is our ultimate purpose in life.

Get Paid to Play?

Two years ago I started using this phrase to describe what I feel every single day I wake up and spend hours creating and producing in my business. I can remember the specific day I realized I not only didn't hate what I did to make money, but that I was passionately in love with what I was doing and who I was doing it with.

In the past I looked forward to weekends and vacationing. It was a way for me to escape from the insanity of my life, but now that my life has become a vacation I can see no reason to escape from what I love doing.

People used to ask me why I was so pumped and excited about my business and my life. My initial response was, "I don't know — I just am!" My answer was not very useful because unless I could outline what was happening to me (how I had gone from losing everything doing real estate in 2007 to rebuilding my business and prospering in 2009), I would never be able to teach others to do what I did.

What I am about to outline for you is what I like to call the three phases of unlocking your Soul Purpose and awakening your ability to "Get Paid to Play" every single day.

What Is Soul Purpose?

Soul Purpose is a calling, a contract or a mission that is unique to each one of us. Our purpose empowers us to clearly produce results in life and business in an effortless flow. It is the simple function of creating solutions to other people's problems. The clearer we are about our Soul Purpose, the more value we see within us and the more committed we become to share that value with the world.

Soul Purpose in action is accessed through three distinct phases:

Phase #1: The Awakening — Get clarity on who you are and what your Soul Purpose is.

Phase #2: The Activation — Know the people you will serve, the product you will serve them with and the platform (business) that will support your full expression of Soul Purpose.

Phase #3: The Acceleration — Get clear on the marketing, sales and fulfillment of your Soul Purpose business platform and on building your purpose-driven tribe (organization).

Soul Purpose production in business has changed my life. Every single day, my interactions with prospects and clients have me pinch myself that I am actually being paid to do the things I do every day.

My life has become a game in which I am a joyful participant. I have learned how to get paid to play.

Are you ready to take on the same journey? Please join me on my upcoming Webinar.

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