Looking into a Crystal Ball

by Ramin Mesgarlou

(Excerpted from Chapter 1 of the Forensic Networker book)

What if you could fast forward your life and see where you would be in your business three years down the road? Would that be of value to you? Would that make a difference in your belief in yourself, in your company and in the networking profession?

I believe network marketing is the greatest form of free enterprise still in existence. Its simple systems have allowed hundreds of thousands to overcome poverty and escape mediocrity and thousands more to become millionaires. It is the last chance for the average person to accomplish something extraordinary and hit a financial home run.

Ironically, the very same amazing attributes such as low financial investment and flexible hours that make our direct sales industry so special are also its pitfalls. Since the majority of our work force is comprised of amateurs or people who have never operated a business before, we must be honest, firm and specific with our serious distributors about what it entails to run a successful network marketing business. 

One common issue in our profession is that oftentimes uneducated and unqualified sponsors lure people in to our profession based on false promises and pretenses. I believe deception and embellishment have really hurt the networking profession. Our industry is under constant assault and has been bruised and battered by the very same work force it is trying to help.

Since 1990, I have had the opportunity to train over 100,000 distributors. Over this time period, I was able to identify 8 distinct categories of distributors based on how they approached the business and their chances for success. Unfortunately, the first 5 categories count for the vast majority of the work force that will never realize their financial goals in their respective network marketing ventures.

In my upcoming webinar you will find out whether you are an MLM professional or an MLM amateur. If you are in the first FIVE categories then you are an MLM amateur and the pros fall in the last three categories.

Category 1: The lotto group; Did you buy a distributorship hoping to draw the lucky number, or based on false promises of an upline that said, "Buy in and I will build it for you"?

Category 2: The weekend wonder group; Are you the type that will buy a distributorship package and will make a million dollars even if it takes you all weekend?

Category 3: The Slave driver; Are you the type that bought a distributorship as an investment and now expect your upline to build you a complete pay check?

Category 4: The social group; Are the weekly meetings a place to meet friends and a place to go every week or are the sessions a place for you to make money and build a business?

Category 5: The "sometime" group; Are you like the majority of new networkers who tell themselves they are doing the business "part time," but in reality they are going to do it "sometime"? The difference between the two will determine financial success or ongoing struggles.

The last three categories are the successful people in our profession. If you are interested in knowing exactly where you are headed in your direct sales business, I invite you to join me on my upcoming webinar. You will be blown away by what you will discover about yourself and where your direct sales business is headed.

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