The Lotus Code Bans New Year's Resolutions

by Mark Yarnell

In a few days millions of people will engage in their favorite annual exercise in futility known to us all as the "New Year's Resolution."

In my first fifty years of life, I never accomplished one. I set countless objectives using the beginning of a new year as a starting point, and never failed to abandon each noble cause well before it came to fruition.

But you'll be happy to know that Lotus Code practitioners can expect to achieve every single New Year's desire by replacing resolutions with habits. That's what I figured out several years ago and since that revelation, no objective has gone unfulfilled.

Think of habits as actions that are nearly impossible to break and resolutions as thoughts nearly impossible to implement.

Once a person executes behavior slightly beyond the fulcrum position on The Lotus Code plane, attainment is inevitable regardless of the complexity of the behavior necessary for success. But a person can resolve to accomplish great things and affirm their intentions until the cows come home and never come close to attainment. Why?

Let's just say that the only people who ask that question have not yet studied The Lotus Code. But simply put, thoughts and words alone never have and never will lead to the achievement of any significant New Year's resolution.

Why not ban New Year's resolutions and begin implementing New Year's habits?

A great way to understand The Lotus Code is to consider a practical application like the elimination of a serious character defect. This January 1st, millions of alcoholics will resolve to stop consuming alcohol. They will sincerely promise themselves and other people whom they love that they will never again act irrationally and abusively because 2010 is the end of their mood-altering behavior.

However, most will take a drink within the first week and many of those who do will become sicker and more delusional than they were the previous week. A New Year's resolution to quit drinking is little more than irrational wishful thinking. Most drunks cannot begin to fathom a lifetime of abstention.

Those who follow The Lotus Code path to sobriety need only follow the proven system of "one day at a time." String "one day" together for a few months and sobriety becomes more habitual than alcohol impairment.

Sobriety for a lifetime is an obstacle that appears insurmountable to a chronic alcoholic. One day at a time until sobriety becomes habitual is no hill for a stepper and on The Lotus Code path, one day of sobriety is a small miracle.

String a few miracles together and you create a habitual state of clarity. Sobriety is the habitual clarity which results from "one day at a time" bite-size chunks of miraculous attainment strung together long enough to become habitual. Are you getting the picture?

We wish you a very happy holiday season and our fervent hope is that you and all your loved ones will achieve your most ambitious New Year's attainment objectives one bite-size miracle at a time.

Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates

P.S. For more information and to order The Lotus Code program, click here.

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