How to Grow Your Business Using Scripts

by Eric Lofholm

One of the best ways to increase your results in network marketing is to create a powerful script. When I talk about the concept of scripting, most networking professionals frown upon the idea. The truth is, we all use scripts—including you. In this article you will discover how this often misunderstood concept can dramatically increase your results.

What is a script?

The definition of a script is words in sequence that have meaning. For example, the sentence you just read is a script. If you're not using a script, you're speaking in gibberish. So you are either using a script or you are speaking gibberish. Now that we agree you are using scripts, the important question is: how powerful are your scripts?

Why do powerful scripts work?

Powerful scripts work because human beings respond in predictable ways. Here is one of the first scripts I learned.

"If you do what a millionaire does, you will get what a millionaire has. If you invest your money where millionaires currently have their money invested, what will you become?"

I have asked this question of over 1,000 people. Every single one of them answered "a millionaire." Isn't that powerful?

A script allows you to create PREDICTABILITY in your sales presentation. That is what the sales superstars do. They use the same scripts over and over again because they work.

Would you like to learn a script that generates quality referrals over 95 percent of the time? I knew you were going to say, "Yes." How did I know? Because human beings respond in predictable ways. Here is the script:

"As you probably know, I work with referrals. A good referral for me is ____________________ (share with them what a good referral is, for example I say, 'a sales manager with six or more people on their sales team'). When you think of a good referral, think of ___________________ (jog their memory, for example I say, 'other offices in your company, where you have worked in the past'). Of everyone you know, who would be the best referral for me?"

This script produces a quality referral almost every time. How did I learn about the power of scripts?

I was introduced to scripts by my first mentor Danté. I watched Danté deliver his sales presentation over fifty times. Every time he delivered it he said virtually the same thing. He told the same stories and the same jokes. He used the same closes. He handled objections the same way every time.

Did scripts work for Danté? He is the only sales person I ever met who drove a Ferrari to work.

I subsequently was trained by Dr. Donald Moine, an international sales psychologist who taught me the psychology behind how to create a script. I have been working with Dr. Moine for over eleven years. He is author of Unlimited Selling Power and one of the top sales minds in the world.

What kinds of scripts are there? Here is a list of different types of scripts:

1. Objection handling

2. Referral

3. Closing

4. Rapport

5. Identify customer needs

6. Appointment setting

7. Entire presentation

The next step is for you to make a list of scripts you need to create for your network marketing business. Once you have created the list, select the most important script to complete. Lastly, take action.

Scripting is the most profitable idea I have ever learned in business. Now that you have read this article, you are in the conversation. I encourage you to stay in the conversation! Join me for my upcoming Webinar and I will teach you how to use scripts to grow your network marketing business.

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