Net-WORK-ing Says It All

by Andrea Nierenberg

I often say that the word "networking" is a misunderstood word. It means many things to all of us. I look at the word as three-pronged:

  1. Sometimes it is structured and strategic when you are going to an event, hosting a party or working with your downline and prospects at any group together.
  2. Often networking is serendipitous—you can connect with someone anywhere, anytime in life who could be someone interested in getting into your business and learning about the opportunity. Most of the great networking happens for me this way and I call it turning "serendipitous accidents into unbelievable opportunities."
  3. It can be unconscious—we are engaging in the process of building relationships and alliances and we just don’t call it networking—yet it is—the "small world" effect or "a friend put me in touch with someone and then the following happened…."

Networking is many things to all of us. We engage in the process to build and develop our teams and downlines and we have many different groups in our life, which are also our different networks. So networking is both a verb and a noun.

Take a look at the word –"NETWORK" and see how you can build on it everyday as you are growing and expanding your network marketing business.

N—Make it your business to remember the Names of each person you meet. Carry note cards and pen and write names down and something to remember them by. Dale Carnegie said the sweetest sound to someone is his or her name! As you remember names and information, you show you care and develop the start of rapport (with people who could end up on your team or be a great referral source.) Everyday, nurture your relationships—reach out to your teams in their preferred method of communication—phone, email, text, face-to-face (the best) and a handwritten note.

E—Have Energy and Enthusiasm as you build your team and go to events or host them. Empathize with your prospect—just because we are excited about our product or service does not mean that everyone else is ready at the same time—so first learn what is important in their life. Stay the course, which is where your energy and enthusiasm come in.

T—Networking takes Time and Timing is everything. Be aware and ready to share and listen 24/7. Also remember that it is all about trust, which is the key to all networking relationships. Talk less and listen more. Let the other person do most of the Talking.

W—There is Work involved—yet the only place where success comes before work is the dictionary. Work your business and it will grow over time and keep growing.

O—Every person you meet and everywhere you go—there is an Opportunity to learn, give and be a resource. Be ready to give first and things happen over time. Also, be as Organized as you can and ask people Open-ended questions to learn more about them.

R—It starts with Respect for all, then begin the Rapport, do your Research when you can and as you develop Relationships, you will also get more Referrals to keep growing. Remember your Reputation takes forever to build and seconds to destroy. Make sure that as you network and grow, your reputation is your foundation for everything.

K—"Knowledge is power"—and then putting it into practice. Know everything possible about your products. Study, read Networking Times, attend webinars and trainings. Know your product cold so you can share it with others. As my wonderful father always said on earth and he continues to say to me from heaven, "Kindness pays—give everyone you meet a smile and a handshake"—it is the beginning of everything.

In this brief article, I have just touched on many of the tips and strategies we will discuss in our upcoming webinar. Take just one of these tips or ideas—put them into action and watch how your network marketing business keeps growing.

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