The Soft Economy Can Be Great for Business

by Karen Phelps

Sometimes you have to address the “elephant in the room” before you can move forward in your business. Of course, the elephant no one can get away from right now is the economy. The exciting news is, if you are smart you’ll use the economy as a way to get better results from your direct selling business.

There is always two ways to look at every situation. You can think, “This is awful, this economy is going to kill my business.” Or you can be thinking, “Wow, how can I help people who are having difficulties right now?” Once you begin to look for solutions instead of problems you will see your business explode.

Every negative thought and reaction will create negative results. Continually focusing on what’s wrong will prevent you from finding constructive ways to grow your business. Sometimes, it really is as easy as looking at a glass as half-empty or half-full.

What’s your natural instinct in challenging situations? Are you pessimistic about what is happening, feeling frustrated because things are out of control? Are you optimistic that you can still get the results you want from your business but realistic in knowing you will have to implement some different strategies and tactics to improve results?

Let’s look at how you can use what’s happening in the economy to your advantage. The immediate thing that comes to mind is how you can leverage a soft economy as a way to recruit new people into your company. More and more people are looking for additional income and you have an opportunity that can offer them solutions.

The “newly emerging economy” is finding people who were once well off, never having to worry about a thing now in unchartered territory as they face lost income and increasing debt. Here are some of the people who are now looking for more money:

  1. People who have lost income. These could be people who have lost a job themselves, or their spouse has lost their job. Maybe they had to take reduced hours or a cut in pay. Whatever the reason, they are now finding themselves with less monthly household income which must be replaced before something drastic happens.
  2. People who need to supplement their income. Many people found themselves getting really comfortable with how smoothly the economy had been rolling along for years. Always wanting instant gratification they began a “multi-year buying spree” which put them in over their heads. Now with massive credit card debt they are looking for simple ways to supplement their earnings from their full time job so they can pay off credit cards and not “alter their lifestyle.”
  3. Stay-at-home-moms who want to work part-time. Even though the main desire is to be home with their children many stay-at-home moms realize the need to bring additional income into the household. Many are willing to work a few evenings each week in exchange for some socialization and a few hundred dollars each week.
  4. People who are retired or about to retire. The Baby-Boomers have taken one of the biggest hits of all as many who had built nest eggs they thought would help them retire comfortably have lost a large portion of their savings. People who are already retired are now looking for ways to bring in additional income so they can enjoy their retirement. They are looking for part-time jobs with flexibility to allow them to get away when they want and enjoy their retirement. Those who are not yet retired but who will be retiring soon want to build up what was lost in the drop in the stock market. They are trying to find other sources of income so when they finally do retire they can do so comfortably.

So, how can you help all these people? It’s very simple when you think about it YOU have the SOLUTION for everyone. You just have to BELIEVE IT!

Can you help the person who has lost income? Can you help the person who wants supplemental income to make ends meet? Can you help the stay-at-home mom who wants some socialization and a little extra cash? Can you help someone who is retired or is getting ready to retire? You can only help if you share the opportunity.

People are looking for solutions and as a direct selling consultant you have the solutions they are looking for. Are you willing to put yourself out on a limb, not worry about what people think and offer the opportunity to everyone?

The people I mentioned above are looking for income so you lead with the business opportunity and show them how much they can earn per party. You can go a step further by breaking it down per hour. Most people who have never checked into what direct selling has to offer are amazed at how much consultants average per hour.

Because of the soft economy less people are taking vacations away from the home. More and more people are taking advantage of “stay-cations” and sticking close to home but looking for fun exciting things to do. Well, I’m sure as consultant you can help there too! SMILE! Besides providing some fun ways to add items for free and a discount you can invite ladies to host a party for their friends. Plus when times are difficult, people like to do what they can to create “good experiences” and what better way to do so than by having a home party?

You might say something like, “More people are staying close to home this year and they love the idea of having party because they can have a fun ladies night out and earn some great products. I have Thursday the 4’th and Friday the 5’th available, which of these dates works best for you?”

Yes, exciting times are ahead for direct sellers! It’s a time for you to set your goals, embrace the future, and begin living the life you have always dreamt of. What happens around you will not determine whether you fail or succeed in your business. What happens within you will be the deciding factor. Decide today to quit making excuses for things you cannot change and seek ways improve your business every day.

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