The Keys to An Unstoppable Sales Drive

by Steve McCann

Sometime back in 1995 I was invited to speak at a real estate conference. The opening speaker was a high-producing Realtor® who gave an inspiring presentation that was well received. He shared exactly what he did on a weekly basis to get the uncommon results he produced.

There were about 200 Realtors in attendance, many of whom were inspired by his ideas. And my guess is that many of the agents took action after that day because they wanted his results.

They probably started getting up earlier than normal started making the cold calls they normally weren’t making. But pretty soon, within a few days or weeks, most stopped doing it. Their activity levels went back to normal.

Why? Because their productivity rose above their self-image and their self-image squashed their productivity down within their comfort level - a level consistent with their self-image. Their actions were becoming inconsistent with their self-image which went into self-sabotage mode!

Has this ever happened to you?

You will always perform at a level equal to your self-image.

Our self-image is the portrait we have of ourselves. It’s the picture we’ve created about ourselves and is commonly based on past experience. So if a new desire for improvement is introduced and it conflicts with our current self-image, it is doomed to fail.

Our actions, behaviors and discipline are all heavily influenced by our self-image. Even if you force yourself via will power to do things beyond your self-image, you won’t be able to sustain it for very long.

You will go back to the old behaviors consistent with your belief about yourself because you act from this belief.

What caused the Ali’s and Jordan’s of the world to work as hard as they did? What causes the top 1 percent in selling to consistently sustain their mind-boggling activity levels?

Answer for both: their self-image. Major changes occur in income and production for the average person when they understand the importance of changing their self-image.

When Salespeople, comfortable with average client sizes but nervous and fearful with the high end client, learn to grow their self-picture, they become more confident and succeed in the large client arena.

As we raise our self-image, we raise our behaviors and the discipline we bring to our activities.

Learning to change behavior permanently is one of the most important skills a person can develop in their life. All we need to do is to change the picture by investing time and energy.

Our self-image is held in our subconscious mind. This is the inside part of our brain where all of our habits and beliefs are stored. Many estimates in the field of psychology suggest we are only utilizing a small part of our brain - generally 5 to 10 percent.

This means that nearly 90% is untapped and waiting to serve us. Our subconscious is the part of the brain that allows our body to do things naturally and consistently with more ease and proficiency than our conscious mind could never match.

Great things that seem impossible become possible when we learn to tap into our subconscious mind. Here’s how: when a thought and feeling match, and are focused on over and over again, it becomes accepted by the subconscious mind.

When we add pictures or visualization, which match this thought/feeling combination, we are actually changing our self-image with a new self-belief. Our self-image is only communicated to in pictures, hence the term self-image. When this ‘pictured thought with feeling’ intention is accepted by the subconscious mind it becomes a belief that executes itself automatically.

Follow these steps to a new level of discipline by changing your self-image:

  • Step one: Decide exactly what you want. This is critical. Is it a habit change you’re after or a new production goal? Whatever it is, be crystal clear on the outcome you desire.
  • Step two: Determine the activities that would lead to this outcome. What you would need to do in order for this result to come naturally? Make sure you choose activities that you could see yourself doing. There are often many ways to an outcome. Avoid the activities that don’t fit your personality, but make sure the one’s you do choose will ensure your goal.
  • Step three: Invest 20 minutes a day in focused quiet time. In this time, find a quiet place in which you will not be interrupted and close your eyes. With eyes closed, put your attention on the goal. With thoughts on the goal, see yourself doing the activities that lead to the goal. Picture yourself becoming proficient at these activities. Bring in more and more clarity to the picture every time you do this. Visualize the time of day and the reaction of those around you. The more detail the better! And finally feel the feelings with intensity that you would feel accomplishing this goal. See yourself actually doing the deal!

Driven people produce record results because of their belief in themselves. They grew their self-image by this ‘pictured thought with feeling’ process. Many probably didn’t even realize they were doing it. Whether they intended to or not doesn’t matter; this is simply how it works and it can work for anyone.

Apply this process and remember the importance of vivid pictures and concentrated feeling. Do this and you’ll never again have to be stuck in undesirable patterns from your past. With new information come new results. Go after them!

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