Today's Networkers Face New Challenges

by Mark Yarnell

Todayís networkers face an entirely new set of challenges. These challenges require a serious shift in strategies.

For a decade now, the entire technology sector has promoted the infantile trinity of ďeasy, simple and fast" calculated to attach emotions and quasi-gratification to products and services whose functional benefits are completely irrelevant.

People must learn to turn off all technology for a couple of hours each day and focus on relationship building through face-to-face and verbal interaction or they are destined to fail in todayís network marketing environment.

Networkers must realize that their best target age group is individuals born before 1964. Why? Because boomers are the most desperate for opportunity and the least distracted by technology.

People must start facing the fact that multitasking doesnít work and being connected to cell phones all day is nothing but a drain.

Most people donít want to discuss these factsÖI do. Itís time to grow up ladies and gentlemen. Last year 161 billion gigabytes of digital information were added to the web. Thatís three million times the amount of information in all the books ever written. Thatís equal to twelve stacks of books reaching from the earth to the sun.

If you really think you can effectively compete in that arenaÖGod help you. Iíve got a better idea and youíll hear about it in my next webinar. The webinar is called "The Lotus Code Ė The Secret Path to Networking Wealth."

Twenty-five hundred years ago a young man created a six-step program for success. So powerful were the strategies that entire world philosophies were built around each of the six.

Cultures formed around each principle. Religions and cults became global phenomenon as a direct result of one or more of the six tenants. Thatís the problem.

When a brilliant man or woman emerges with transformative information, that breakthrough wisdom often becomes fragmented and diluted over the centuries. Strategies are taken out of context because each step is so brilliant that it can appear to be a stand-alone thesis.

Eventually each step becomes the basis of an inferior, yet attractive, life focus. They work independently, but linked together, such strategies are exponentially more powerful than when they are followed separately.

In my upcoming webinar I will argue and defend the proposition that this six-step code is far superior to any other success formula ever created.

You will learn exactly what the six steps to networking wealth are, how the six-steps were originally presented some 2500 years ago, and why theyíre even more relevant today.

It is impossible for any Networker to fail once he or she understands and follows The Lotus Code, assuming each has selected a legitimate company with real products, a fair compensation plan, and an ethical owner with significant MLM experience.

The Lotus Code is literally the ultimate path to personal fulfillment regardless of oneís intended objectives. Money and time freedom may actually be the easiest targets among all the desired objectives we strive to attain. Regardless of your personal goals, The Lotus Code will get you there.

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