How to Effectively Start Calling a Lead

by Michael Oliver

Here is an interesting question from TD who asks, "How do I establish an open discussion with new potential partners over the telephone?"

My Answer: In order to answer you correctly I would need to know whether you are referring to calling leads, calling friends or associates, cold calling, referrals, etc.

For this week, Iíll address how to start the approach of calling leads.

First though, if you want to establish an "open discussion" or dialogue, itís important to start correctly. The Connecting Stage, which is the first stage of five of the Natural Selling Dialogue Framework, is designed to do this.

It sets you up to be successful for the important second stage, The Discovering Stage which will determine what you present in your solution.

Unlike other sales approaches that concentrate on presenting at the beginning, (which turns selling into a guessing game), Natural Selling is more effective because you customize your presentation based on the "open discussion" you had when you discover the whatís and whyís of what the other person is specifically looking for.

Calling Leads

If youíre calling leads, then you can use something like this...

  1. Hi! This is [Your Name] calling from [Your Company]. Could I speak with [Their Name] please?

  2. Hello [Their Name]... I'm an independent Associate with a company called [Your Company] and you recently responded to my website/advertisement asking for help to create an income opportunity for yourself through starting your own business... and I'm returning your call...

  3. . .... Is this a good time for you to talk for a few minutes?

  4. Thank you! [Their Name]... Iíd like to ask you a few questions so I can get to know you a little better and see what you're looking for, and whether [Your Company] might be a fit for you, for example...

  5. (At this point, ask a Discovering Stage question. Do not wait for permission... be CONFIDENT... you are the business owner and a leader! People are looking for leadership, not someone who is unsure).

  6. What was it about my website/advertisement that attracted your attention?

  7. These will help you understand how to use the correct language that will attract people to you to have an open discussion about themselves and their needs.

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