How I got 2,000 Quality Prospects in Two Weeks

by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

How I got 2,000 Quality Prospects in Two Weeks. -- by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

So where are you going to get new leads for your networking business?

You prospected your family. Now you are banned from weddings and funerals.

You prospected your friends. They would not return your telephone calls.

You prospected your co-workers. When they see you coming, they walk on the other side of the street.

You are stuck. You have nuked your warm market.

And then you decide to find new prospects over the Internet. That sounds like an easy way to go. Just purchase a few thousand hot leads, send them an e-mail, and presto!

Nothing happens.

Why? There could be many reasons.

  1. These hot leads thought your e-mail was spam.
  2. These hot leads didnít know, like or trust you.
  3. You e-mail message was boring.
  4. These hot leads werenít so hot. They werenít good prospects.
  5. The web page you sent them to was boring.

Well, there are a lot of factors that could sabotage your "hot leads" e-mail campaign.

So if creating good prospects from total strangers is difficult, maybe it would be easier if we created good prospects from friends and THEIR contacts.

If we start with our friends, they will at least read our e-mails.

The Technique

You can use this technique to build a mailing list or to build an opt-in prospect list. It's a great way to reach prospects that you don't know.


By using viral marketing. You are going to allow your initial contacts to spread your message all across the Internet.

Step 1: Create a viral message.

What is the most viral e-mail message that is passed on to friends?

Jokes and inspirational stories.

So letís find a good joke. Thatís not hard on the Internet. There are plenty of joke sites.

I am going to pick a joke about bosses. Employees love jokes about bosses. And they will forward my boss joke to other employees.

This is not only viral, it is target marketing. My market is employees who hate their job. So, I am reaching just the right prospects.

Step 2: Create a signature file that will send the readers of your e-mail to your website.

If you are not familiar with signature files, they are the P.S. at the end of your e-mail message.

People are lazy. When they forward (viral) your joke to their friends, they will simply forward the entire e-mail message Ė including your signature file.

Now your signature file (advertisement) is in front of qualified prospects with a smile on their face.

You must make your signature file interesting so that your prospects will have a reason to visit your web site. Here is the exact copy of the signature files I used to create over 2,000 qualified prospects in less than two weeks:

Are men better networkers than women? Here's proof:

I also used:

P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife's face, click here:

Both signature files sent people to a short 15-second Flash presentation. The Flash presentation was created by my 15-year-old nephew.

Cost? A six-pack of beer. (Just kidding. His mom wouldn't let me.) So, I took him to Starbucks as a reward for his one hour of "programming."

The signature files worked well because:

Are men better networkers than women? Here's proof:


P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife's face, click here:

created tension and curiosity. If your teaser lines are boring, they just won't work.

Because the flash presentation was funny, people passed on the link to their co-workers and friends. The viral effect was massive.

At the end of the flash presentation was an offer for 77 FREE Tips. About 45% of the viewers subscribed. Now I had 77 more chances to create a relationship with the prospect.

This technique was one of the cheapest, yet most effective way for me to create targeted, qualified prospects.

So what could you use for your signature files? Here are a couple of examples to get you thinking:

  • Click here to see which picture looks like you.
  • Click here to see a picture of my bossí face when I told him "I quit."
  • Does your telephone bill look like this? Click here to see a picture of my bill.
  • Click here to see a picture of my wifeís stomach.
  • Click here to see how a 46-year-old grandmother gets free tickets to visit her grandchildren.
  • Want a four-day work-week? Click here to see how.

What do all these examples have in common? They are interesting. They create curiosity. And your readers will be directed to your web site.

So if you want more traffic, want more leads, or just want to build a huge opt-in mailing list, try creating a viral signature file.

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