Your Money and Your Mind

by Dianne Collins & Alan Collins

Anyone even faintly familiar with the law of attraction realizes that what you resonate you attract. If there were ever a time to gain command over your “money resonance,” now is that time. In this economic atmosphere it is more important than ever to elevate your mastery with the habits of your very own mind.

Let me clarify what I mean by “mind.” Mind is everything you hold in your awareness including your thoughts, your emotional states (that are evoked by the meaning you ascribe to your thoughts), your spiritual centeredness (or not), as well as your energetic essence or feeling tone. What fills your mind and awareness penetrates your whole being – thus, creating your personal resonant field. This is the field that attracts, repels, or cancels out whatever circumstances you draw to yourself, according to and consistent with your intent.

The law of attraction works because of resonance. A technical depiction of resonance is “sympathetic vibrations” meaning compatible or simpatico frequencies. In everyday terms we say we’re on the same wavelength.

Now if you’re in business with financial goals that are a quantum leap for you, however, at the same time you’re swept up in the economic fear and frenzy generated by the media and so-called financial experts – then what is happening? These two states of mind – one being the intent for your “quantum” income goal, and the other being an “unaware intent” for fear of financial hardship – these are not in harmonic resonant frequency with one another. You can feel this in the deeper chords of your being – fear of financial hardship and the intent for financial wealth and security – these are not “simpatico.” They cancel each other out.

Okay then, what can we do? This requires what I call a literal quantum leap in consciousness. You generate a new money resonance. Positive thinking is not the answer because a resonant field is like a vortex – a powerful force field. If you have a new thought in an old vortex the new thought can quickly get swept up by the force of the old. The solution is to generate a new vortex, a resonant field that you can condition yourself to that is the “right” attraction force field that draws to you people, resources, and opportunities consistent with your monetary intent.

Even in the best of times, other than possibly romantic relationships, there is no area of life we feel more intensely than in our relationship to money and money matters. What we feel, we resonate and what we resonate we attract. In today’s environment where experts are yelling emotionally charged words like “crisis” and “bailout” and “rescue” and “recession” we have to be even more attentive to not fall prey to the surrounding field. This is where your own mind comes into play.

The main premise of the quantum world view is that there is no absolute way that reality is; reality is not fixed and unchangeable. The reality of our experience is a multidimensional flow of awareness and intelligence, information and energy that is always in flux. Reality is Observer-created. What we bring to our observation is what we get. Form follows thought. This is the great news because if our thoughts were absolute there would be nothing we could do about them. We’d be stuck with them.

Suppose you have a thought that people are hurting financially and that right now they don’t have money for the products you are selling. How do you think that thought is going to shape your actions and your demeanor when you speak with prospective team members and customers? Is it “the truth” that people don’t have money for your products? No, it is just a thought passing through.

It’s always important to remember that just because you have a thought it doesn’t mean it’s “the truth.” Yes, your habits of thinking do create your reality, however it is essential to distinguish between thoughts that are created consciously and thoughts that just show up from the swirl of collective thoughts surrounding you. Thoughts that don’t even belong to us do enter the field of our awareness and you can see those thoughts as just a bird passing by the window of your mind. When you have a money thought that doesn’t serve you or your money resonance well, then just allow it to fly by. Leap again to your newly generated money resonance. For this you need to gain mastery with your own mind. Your mind and your money are partners on the path of wealth. You can start right now.

Quick QuantumThink Tips for Your Mind and Money

  1. See the big picture. Look at the current financial events in the bigger picture of a transformation in financial systems that require some reinventing and tune-ups – knowing that transformation brings improvement in the conditions.

  2. See the opportunities in any environment.Use everything to your advantage. Whatever is going on now you can create a context that will serve your customers and yourself. Spend some quiet time looking for the silver linings in the passing clouds.
  3. Check your Resonant field. In music the pauses are as important as the notes. If you aren’t getting a financial result you want, take a musical pause and check your resonant field. What are you feeling with regard to money? Take a literal quantum leap and generate a resonance that is harmonic with your desired financial result.

  4. Consciously create your relationship with money. Rather than get swept up in the “automatic” feelings you have as money matters arise, consciously generate your relationship with money. Create your intent for your relationship with money in the present tense as if it is already that way. Intent is a context; not a goal and not a “truth.” Your intent is a self-generated context you are choosing to live from. For example: “I am comfortable, excited about, and fulfilled by my relationship with money.” Your intent generates a new resonant field – your field of attraction.

If you would like to gain greater command of your awareness of mind, mastery, and how to work with resonance around money then please join us in our upcoming QuantumThink Webinar.

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