How to Get Your Master's Degree in Lead Generation

by Dale Calvert

In today's marketing world most of my clients and customers suffer from the same thing: information overload. There is so much good marketing information available today that we can easily become distracted and take our eye off our ultimate goal.

Some of the best advice I have heard over the past couple of years has been "Say no to a lot of good ideas so you have time for the GREAT ones!"

If you want to build a large residual income with network marketing you cannot afford to let yourself get distracted by all the money-making methods and systems that consistently fill your email inbox and sometimes postal mail box.

A question you should always ask yourself:

"Does participating in this, or learning this, support my ultimate goal?"

Get clear about your reasons why you are doing what you are doing. It is easier to create a $1,000 monthly residual income in network marketing than it is to build a solid 2nd income. However, after you learn the skills to earn $1,000 you simply duplicate to grow your income to $5,000, $10,000 or more.

There a numerous ways to create a 2nd income online and off line. However if you want to create at least a six-figure residual income, I have found no better way than network marketing.

In which profession can you create a six-figure without any formal education? I know of none! That is one of the priceless benefits of Networking Times: they continually provide upcoming distributors and experienced networking professional with the knowledge they need and the motivation to put that knowledge into action.

Let's break it down to the basics: success in network marketing ultimately comes down to your ability to prospect, recruit, and duplicate. There are a lot of different educational programs, books, training audios etc. that will help you become better at these basic foundational skills.

Until you master these three areas, any other training will most likely lead to confusion, frustration and a waste of time in the short term. I have walked into people's libraries who have books and CDs on leadership and team work, etc., and while they have been in the business two years, they have less than fifteen active people on their team.

My granddad would call this "putting the cart before the horse." I call it trying to learn Algebra when you don't even know how to do addition.

I am all for personal growth and becoming self-educated. There have been times in my marketing career where I have attended seminars or bought training courses that I knew I would need in the future.

However if you want to build a successful organization, you absolutely must master the skills of prospecting, recruiting and duplicating first. There are simply no short cuts.

Learning these three skills in a sequential order makes the most sense, because your knowledge and experience grows as you master one technique at a time.

There are so many gurus pitching that they have THE way to prospect and recruit. Nearly all of the methods work, but not necessarily make the most sense for new people.

Mastering recruiting is not about what works for you. It always comes down to what makes sense to the masses of people who join your organization. Quite frankly, I believe that the worst thing you can do for a new person is tell them to buy leads. It is the fastest way to take them out of the business. There is a right time and place to buy leads, but it is not in the beginning of a person's network marketing career.

There are many networkers who have been around the industry several years and totally blew it in their warm market, tried to run newspaper ads and blew it, tried to prospect online or locally with zero success. Then they bought leads, contacted those leads and finally things started to click and they created some success. Of course this is just an example, but I want you to understand the concept.

The prospecting method that created success for these people becomes "The Way" in their minds, and therefore that is what they teach and usually all they teach. It is just a natural human reaction.

I am not saying they are being deceitful, but in our example above, other people have created success with newspaper advertising, in their warm market, online and offline, etc. for them those methods are "The Way."

When things start to click, many people tend to forget the road they traveled to get there and think they can help their downline organization avoid the learning curve and shortcut the process, but they can't!

I believe with each recruiting method there are small things that you must do to create the best odds for your success. I teach a lot of things that I don't like or necessarily feel comfortable with personally, but I know in the long term, it gives the most people the best odds for success. I have proven it over and over the twenty-five years.

People who teach that warm market recruiting is dead or outdated feel this way because they didn't have success in their own warm market and have never been taught how to correctly contact their warm market. Like all prospecting methods, if you do it right, it works!

Those who think newspaper advertising is a waste of time have probably never been taught the correct way to run ads in newspaper. They don't understand the category you should run your ad in, or why you should never take ad calls, or how to respond to someone who responds to a newspaper ad. They don't get that the script you use with a newspaper lead is much different from the script you use when contacting a lead you purchased, or someone within your warm market.

I see this business as very black and white. I believe there is a best way to do every aspect of the business.

I know that through personal education you can become a master prospector. The secret is to find someone who has done what you want to do and duplicate their methods sequentially.

I am going to talk much more about this in my new upcoming Networking University Webinar. I am going to share with you some inside tips that helped me generate an organization of over 60,000 distributors.

This is a brand new webinar I call "Sequential Prospecting" and I promise you it will be worth your time, so spread the word and I look forward to sharing some great information with you that will make an immediate, positive influence on your business.

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