Three Ways to Stop Creating Resistance

by Michael Oliver

While I was observing a recent opportunity meeting, I noted three things about the presentation that could be called "resistance creators."

Could you be doing something similar without realizing it?

First, the presenter included justifying statements such as "Network marketing isn't what you think it is" and "It's not a pyramid scheme." He proceeded to explain what he thought it was and why it wasn't a pyramid scheme.

He then continued to overcome some of the "perceived objections" that people supposedly have about network marketing, such as its legality, etc.

The presentation also made comparing statements that included how the company "has the best products... is the number one company in its field... has the best compensation plan... etc."

At the end of this, one of the guests turned to me and said, "I didn't think there was anything illegal about network marketing? And what's a pyramid scheme?"

"Also" He added, "I didn't know there were other companies doing the same thing. I'd like to check them out."

I later discovered that others had the same reaction.

Why this reaction?

The presenter on the stage had unknowingly created resistance and doubt by making justifying statements and overcoming resistance when there was none to begin with. He was also comparing the company and its products when it was unnecessary to do so, and assumed his own fears were the fears of everyone else.

Do you find yourself justifying, comparing or stating something you don't need to say?

Do you unknowingly instil doubt into the minds of people you talk to and then wonder why they resist you?

Do you find yourself saying the above and other things like:

"I know what you're thinking..."

"You're probably thinking..."

"Let me tell you why this is..."

People do not think what you think they think. In fact, your thinking can get in your way. Your doubt and fear actually creates their doubt and fear. It reveals itself in your words, your tonality and your bearing.

So what to do?

Awareness is the first step to change and allows you to change your thinking.

Changing your thinking will change what you say.
Changing what you say will change your behavior.
Changing your behavior will change the way people respond to you.
Changing the way people respond to you will change your results for the benefit of both of you!

At your next meeting, instead of saying, "Network marketing isn't what you think it is."

Use, "For many of us in this room, network marketing is a wonderful way to have our own business because..." and list some generic advantages. End by asking a question, such as:

"How would it feel if you could do the same thing and receive extra income each month, or even give up your dependency on having to work for someone?"

Instead of overcoming perceived objections which implies you think you know what everyone is thinking, just keep your thoughts to yourself and address anything that comes up later.

Instead of saying, "We have the best compensation plan."

Say, "We have a generous compensation plan that rewards people well." Then continue by asking:

"Have you ever thought of starting your own full or part-time business so that you can create your own security and start taking care of yourself and your family?"

Instead of saying, "We have the best products..."

Use, "We have proven natural products that are designed to keep people healthy by making up for the lack of nutrition in most people's diets—a deficiency that is causing so many people to die of cancer and other modern day diseases.

"Have you ever thought about having a healthier life, helping others have happy and healthier lives as well, and receiving an income for it at the same time?"

Can you feel the difference?

No need to be involved in formal presentations to use these ideas. Any time you're speaking with a potential business partner or customer, these ideas will help you get better results and a better response.

Be aware of what you are thinking and saying. Language creates reality. Are you unknowingly creating what you don't want?

Language is an incredibly powerful tool. As you can see from this article, if you use language incorrectly you can cause all sorts of problems for yourself.

So don't take a chance with your success and your future. Learn to master of Natural Selling and take charge to create the reality you desire.

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