The MLM Rule of Life

by Doug Firebaugh

Here is a sad rule of life that all network marketers must accept:

"Most people resist change in their life."

You will find this out quickly in MLM.


Mainly, when change has entered a person's life in the past, it usually came in the form of a loss, not a gain.

It carried with it pain, not pleasure, so most people equate change to something negative instead of something positive.

Change then becomes "chains" that people carry around with them.

Most prospects you meet are:
   -  chained to their past,
   -  chained to how things are,
   -  chained to fears,
   -  chained to doubts,
   -  chained to insecurities,
   -  chained to other people's opinions,
   -  chained to other people's patterns of life,
   -  chained to other people's beliefs.

Chains are much too heavy to carry around with you, especially in network marketing.

Most people have a tendency to resist any growth at all in their life, because they are afraid that it will produce pain, or create a loss... which does not make any sense, because growth is a forward function, not a backward one!

The People Who Resist Change in Network Marketing

Folks who resist change:
   -  usually work for someone else,
   -  usually end up with less in life,
   -  usually make excuses, not money,
   -  usually look for things to not work,
   -  usually complain more than those who don't resist,
   -  usually see less of the world,
   -  usually are less inclined to join things,
   -  usually are more negative than those who don't resist.

Million Dollar Secret

People who resist change let life happen to them, instead of making life happen for them. It may even be subconscious, but the tendency is there.

The Two Most Powerful Words in MLM

In network marketing, you must change other people's negative picture of change by asking the question that consists of the two most powerful words in MLM recruiting:

"What if?"

"What if it DID work? How would your life change?"
"What if I am right, and you could live the life you truly want?"
"What if you did succeed... how would your life be improved by it?"

If they are still resistant to change, just sell them the products, get some referrals and move on.

Don't let your business end up in chains, due to people who won't change!!

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