How to Achieve over $100,000 per Month in 21st Century Networking

by Mark Yarnell

Earning $100K a month in today's world requires the same laser focus as always, but there's just one catch: celebrity authors and technology mega-corporations are financially committed to keeping everyone distracted. Multi-tasking is just another way of saying "fragmented effort."

Multiple streams of income require multiple disciplinary wisdom and competitive expertise in a wide range of specialties. Unfortunately, American young people rank 24th out of 29 developed countries when it comes to competitive thinking skills according to The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development test of problem solving skills demanded in today's workforce.

I could go on and on about the many distractions we face today, but I'd rather that you read Maggie Jackson's new bestseller Distractions. She's brilliant.

I must tell you that in my upcoming Webinar, I intend to hold nothing back. If the truth offends you or you prefer to cling to the illusion that your pot of gold is just beyond your grasp once you learn the secret to effortless wealth and creative visualization, you may wish to sit this one out.

I intend to tell you exactly why most distributors fail in our profession and what you can do about it, now. To cover the materials properly, I'm going to have to step on a few toes, but after 23 years of success, I think I've earned the right to tell the truth like it is.

Far too many celebrities and self-appointed network marketing gurus have misguided the masses. The ability to earn $100K a month in a global economy of worthless bubbles, today as never before, requires that serious entrepreneurs learn how to work harder, not smarter.

Company owners who are running straight to Asia as fast as they can are doing so not because those cultures offer more people who can multitask. The MLM rush to Asia and India, Russia and Mexico is based on the fact that there are huge numbers of workers in each country who actually recruit and retail. Imagine that.

I'm hearing a lot of whining. Because of my books and articles and the fact that I worked hard for one year and spent the next 22 living like a king, people from all walks of life track me down to ask for help. They can't understand why they were so great at medicine, law, banking or corporate America and are such dismal failures at network marketing. They keep meeting former goat herders and chicken pluckers who got filthy stinking rich and they can't figure it out.

When I hear their stories and then tell them that they're doing everything wrong, many trot out a Kyosaki book or some economic philosophy or strategy being promoted by some other big name authors who never built squat in network marketing.

In some cases, people who seek me out learned the business from a "jumper" who did twenty deals and conned an upstart company into giving him a special position and preferential treatment. I'll talk candidly about jumpers and celebrities in my upcoming Webinar.

Join me and I'll teach you why you need to modify your language about our profession in order to stop wasting prospects.

I'll tell you what to say to prospects and how to say it.

I'll prove to you that your family and friends are your lousiest warm market because they're by far your smallest contact base and should never be exploited.

I'll tell you why everyone has a 30,000-person warm market and how to access it.

I'll explain how you turn professional instead of spending your days engaged in amateur activities that can never reward you financially.

I'll tell you which books to read and which technological toys to turn off.

I may not win friends or influence people among those who have an economic stake in promoting self-serving strategic junk food, but I'm going to assume that most people attending my Webinar are doing so because of a sincere need to prosper through ethical network distribution.

I intend to teach you the truth. I suggest you pay attention and take notes. And I applaud you for attending my Networking University Webinar while most others will be watching reruns of American Idle. (I spelled that right.)

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