by Bud Chapplain

Isn't it about time that you got serious about your business? Here it is June and half of the year is over... are you still struggling with keeping your records up to date?

Here is a great tip:

If you think that you have to wait until next January you are mistaken.


Now, in order to "just do it," you need to understand all the parameters involved and get clear on the following questions:

What should I do?
Why should I do it?
When should I do it?
How do I do it?

Why should I do it?

Here is a fact for you to ponder: every year there are over 6 million new businesses that start up in the United States alone and the frightening fact is that the majority of them will fail.

Will it be because they do not understand how to market their product....NO
Will it be because they are not properly trained on their product or service....NO
Will it be because they fail to put time and effort into their business......NO

The reason these businesses will not make it is that they will fail to keep accurate financial records and they will fail to understand one word: cashflow.

In a new business, cashflow is king and understanding your cashflow situation is a must.

When do I do it?

You do it NOW! Whether it is January, June or October, the time to start is RIGHT NOW.

Do you shuffle papers on your desk over and over again to try and get motivated to do your business paperwork? Does this sound like you?

Let's face it: record keeping is not a sexy topic to talk about, let alone doing it. It's almost as exciting as watching paint dry.

Here are some of the most popular excuses I have collected over the years:

1. I'm too busy
2. It's boring
3. I'm not making money when I am doing it
4. I don't understand how to do it and the accounting software is confusing.

No matter how boring it may seem to you, good cashflow management will make or break your business -- and it doesn't matter if your business is only you or whether you have employees.

Understanding cashflow and managing it properly will help you manage your business more efficiently and make more profit.

And then of course there is tax time. Have you ever been audited by the IRS? I hope not, as this can be a very tedious and time consuming experience. In any case, you want to be prepared, confident and ready in the event that this would ever happen to you.

What should I do?

The first thing you need to do is to make a commitment to yourself to take 10 -15 minutes each week or two in order to record all the cashflow transactions that happen in your business.

That means that you are going to track all the money that comes into your business and all the money that goes out of your business. You will need to look into a program that will help you do this quickly and easily without having to take any bookkeeping courses.

The focus of our upcoming Webinar is a customized web-based record keeping tool called "One Minute Books." Its unique design will allows you to spend more time building your business, and less time doing paperwork. Best of all, it provides you with all the customized reports that you need for tax time within 60 seconds.

If you want to find a way to start keeping great records quickly and easily, join us on our upcoming Webinar to see how this amazingly simple program works.

Networking Times subscriber Fay Covey heard about One Minute Books and "just did it," and here is what she says:

Dear Bud,
I just wanted to say thank you, and express my feelings about your online program "One Minute Books" offered through
Networking Times.

I was looking for a program that was easy to use, web-based, accessible by an accountant or business partner, expandable, and 100% supported. To my surprise, you have everything I mentioned bundled in One Minute Books, and have provided excellent support during the learning process. I have been amazed at the flexibility of the program allowing customization to fit my personal or business needs. To have a program that I can access anywhere I have Internet, and that lessens the burden of record keeping, is fantastic! I'm actually looking forward to tax time with confidence, and complete, accurate records!
-- Fay L. Covey

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