Is Your Website a Billboard in the Desert?

by Dale Calvert

It seems as though every week I have the same conversation with customers and coaching clients. It starts something like "Dale, I am not getting any results with my website, what can I do?"

There are two major factors for lack of good website results.

#1 Your site does not have a MWR (Most Wanted Response)

#2 You simply aren't getting enough numbers (traffic)

We will look at both of these challenges in this article. What is your Most Wanted Response? What is the purpose of your site?

Unfortunately many distributor websites are not designed to sell a particular product; they are nothing more than online catalogs with multiple product choices. This type of site is fine for distributors to place their personal product orders but extremely ineffective if you plan on marketing products online. One of the rules of any website should be "sell one thing and sell it well."

The more product choices you offer, the more likely that you will not sell anything. A confused mind does not take action.

I believe that every distributor for every company should have at least two websites they are promoting. The first should be for your top selling product and YOUR TOP SELLING PRODUCT ONLY!

This site should basically cover:

* This is the product
* This is what it can do for you
* This is what other people have said about it
* Order now and get this bonus or leave

I realize this is a somewhat simple explanation, but when you cut through the fluff, you need a website that is designed to sell! Sell one product and one product only. You can learn more about this concept at

The 2nd should be a prospecting website. This site should basically cover.

*This is who we are, or I am
*This is why you should listen to me
*This is what we have helped other people do, and maybe you can have similar results
*Leave me your contact information and get this FREE something (CD, Report, etc.) or leave

Again, I realize this is a very simple explanation, but it is the basic outline for a website that will get results.

There is nothing that aggravates me more than see distributors send a prospect to a company website that does not have a Most Wanted Response.

Click here to learn about product #1, 2, 3, or 88 or if you want to learn about our business opportunity click here, to read our policies and procedures click here and well... you get the idea.

The first step to achieving the kind of results you want with your website is to make certain you are sending traffic to a product site designed to sell or a business opportunity site designed to have prospects leave their contact information. Anything other than these two types of sites with clearly defined MWR is a waste of your time and money!

After and only after you have the right kind of sites online, you are ready to drive as much traffic to those sites as possible.

At this point it really is a numbers game. A few years ago we had a site that created 9 sales for an average amount of $34.95 per every 100 visitors. Our profit was $15.00 per sale or $135.00 for every 100 visitors on the front end, not counting repeat business.

If you know you are going to make $135.00 every time you send 100 visitors to the site could you afford to pay 50 cents per click with Pay per Click Search Engines? Absolutely! If you offer a product with repeat business I would feel very comfortable paying $1.35 per click and just breaking even on the front end. Do you follow me?

Unfortunately the only method most people use to drive any type of traffic to their site is Google Adwords, or other Pay per Click Search Engines.

You really owe it to yourself to learn as many ways as you possibly can to drive traffic to your website. This is a subject that is worth studying.

Here are a couple of quick simple ideas:
This is the largest online classified site in the world and one of the Top 10 most visited sites everyday on the Internet. You can target your ads to any geographical area you want, and under the FREE section you can offer magazines, CD's etc, simply have prospects go to your website and complete a form for their FREE whatever as we talked about earlier.
Do you have a MySpace site? Why not? It's free and very easy to set up. If you have any problems just get a teenage relative to help you! The benefits of a MySpace site will become patently self evident if you have any type of marketing savvy at all. You can check out my personal My Space site at and if you already have your site set up, shoot me a friend request.
Sell items like books, training courses, etc. on Ebay that entrepreneurial-minded people would purchase and include information on your opportunity when you mail them their item. Think about it: yes, I am saying you can actually make money while prospecting for your business.

All three of the sites above are consistently in the Top 10 for most traffic on a daily basis. So a major hint to driving traffic to any website is to go where the people already are! I know it sounds simple, but many people just overlook this more than obvious concept.

I have dozens more ideas and I will be sharing many of them on my upcoming Webinar for Networking University. This is a brand new class and it will be the first time I have ever shared many of these unique website traffic methods outside of my inner circle coaching clients.

I promise to share with you thought-provoking website traffic ideas that will make a positive impact on your business. Until then make sure you understand the concept of Most Wanted Response, and get yourself exposed on MySpace, Ebay, and Craigslist.

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