Awakened Thinking – The Key to Mastering Results Part II

by Dianne Collins

In last week's article, Part I of "Awakened Thinking," we addressed the fact that even though we are familiar with the basic principles of creation we have graciously been endowed with - thought creates reality, the law of attraction and the power of intent - we don't always experience getting the results we want using them.

In other words, If your thinking creates your reality, then the important question becomes: what is creating your thinking?

Here are the main points we covered:
(If you didn't have the opportunity to read Part I yet, you can read it here

1.   Our thoughts are not "free" and "independent" - our thinking takes place in a system based on our world view - our beliefs and ideas about the nature of reality.

2.   We're in a Quantum Age of computers, energy, fields and nonlinear quantum leaps - yet our thinking is still very much conditioned by the Industrial Age of machines, cause and effect, "solid" objects, step by step incremental results; hence, in many ways we have become "automatic" too.

3.   When you make the distinction between "old world view" and "new world view" thinking in yourself, you gain command over your own thoughts, intent and resonant field of attraction. You begin to master your mind.

4.   Thus, you are generating your thinking as a whole system, in sync with the more accurate and up-to-date quantum world view - rather than trying to manage one thought at a time (impossible or agonizing at best).

5.   Intent as the central dynamic of creation in our human life is not a goal or an end state and does not work in cause and effect fashion. Rather, intent is a context, an activating force that conditions the field and attracts to you not just one but many results consistent with the Intent.

Okay, let's continue with the promise to show you how your (consciously generated) intent can work instantly in relationships and therefore, in building your business.

Thought Creates Reality - How So?

When we speak about creating results there are at least three qualities of results we can distinguish:

(1) outer physical results such as money, houses and cars;
(2) relational results such as our ability to listen, communicate and deeply connect with other people;
(3) inner spiritual results such as joy, happiness, confidence and peace of mind.

All of these, outer, relational and inner realms are connected. They are distinct yet not separate so they are always influencing one another. When we say "thought creates reality" it is useful to make these distinctions because thought acts upon the various realms in different ways.

Thinking belongs to the subtle realm and physical results belong to the realm of denser matter - the world of ordinary objects. Therefore when you say "thought creates reality" it is not a cause and effect dynamic. It is more like a field effect. You condition the field of mind (the field of attraction) with your habits of thinking.

It may take longer for a result to manifest in the physical realm. However, in the relational realm - the realm of human connection and relationships where everything that has ever been accomplished derives from - we can manifest results instantly because the relational realm is also subtle, just like thought.

Network Marketing Happens in the Relational Realm Where Results Manifest Instantly

As network marketers of course you must be knowledgeable about your product line and operating your business, and you must maintain standards of excellence and integrity - however the mainstay of network marketing is the relational realm.

The relational realm is not "solid and fixed" - the relational realm is a continuous exchange of energy and connection. This means you can transform the quality of your relationships and therefore results that stem from them, instantly, by QuantumThinking them. Let's look at an example.

My Relationship with Distributor Eve - From an Old World View and from a Quantum World View

Before you continue reading, pause just for a moment and ask yourself if there is someone in your life you've wanted to make a difference to yet have had little if any success until now. Keep this person in mind as you continue.

The old world industrial view deals with reality as "fixed and solid objects." How does that translate into our way of thinking? We might imagine the people we know as being a certain "fixed" way. You might say, "I have one distributor, Eve, who is a drag on the team because she is so negative. She is a good person and has good intentions but she is always complaining about something."

What we don't realize is this kind of statement "Such and such person is that way" - is in a sense an unaware and unwanted "intent," yet an intent shaping the field nonetheless. So what can we do?

From a new world view - a world of energy-in-flux where we are the observers always shaping reality with our intent - we can catch ourselves in that "automatic" thought and in that very moment we can create a new intent for that person. Your new intent for Eve might be: "Eve is vital and enthusiastic and talented and committed to success at every level."

In old world view thinking we tend to get swayed by the circumstances. "But you should see her - in every meeting we have she has something to complain about. She really does."

From new world view awakened thinking we realize that the circumstances are there, they are real and valid, however, the circumstances are not "the absolute truth." We are not at the effect of them, realizing that intent is always the dynamic in play. Remember:

Old world view = circumstance rules.
New world view =intent rules.

Watch the difference when you relate to that same distributor Eve from your awakened thinking, from your consciously generated intent for her - rather than from your fixed "conclusion" about the way she "is." You are sure to experience an instant shift in the results of your relationship with Eve, and in her relationship with the rest of your team.

And very important - creating from intent is not "positive thinking." Positive thinking is an attempt to cover up a not-so-positive thought with a better one. The difference between positive thinking and creating from intent is that you are not attempting to change or cover up your "automatic" thought that Eve is negative. You are simply noticing it as just a thought and not as "absolute." This frees you to generate a new thought, an empowering intent that shapes the future of your relationship.

Awakened thinking is essential for connecting with others, for attracting people you resonate with, and for listening with your whole being so the prospect or team member experiences that you actually hear them -- you "get" who they are and what they need and want for their success.

Now think again about the person who is the "Eve" in your life. What is your new intent for your relationship with this person?

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