Awakened Thinking - The Key to Mastering Results Part I

by Dianne Collins

Everyone tells you if you want to be successful in the network marketing business you have to change your mindset - think in the right way, have the right thoughts. Thought creates reality after all...we all know that, right?

If all you have to do is change your thoughts to change your reality - why aren't you achieving the level of success you want and know you deserve? Why do you sometimes feel stuck about how to connect with people? Why are you frustrated with your ability to have your team inspired and surpassing records of success in your industry? Why isn't your reality matching your Intent?

As we unravel this now you will be clear about what "awakened thinking" is and why it is the key to mastery and critical for successful results.

However you map this on to your own business and situation, the point is that despite our great intentions and formidable knowledge of universal principles and natural laws - they don't always seem to work the way we have been taught. By now we all know and love "the secret" - and that is wonderful. Now how do we live this wisdom so it works well for us?

These are the questions that led me to two reality-shattering and enlightening discoveries that enabled me to create QuantumThink®.

     We imagine we think freely - yet we don't.
     We imagine our thoughts are independent - yet they're not.

Are you really choosing your thoughts in every moment? If we were choosing our thoughts wouldn't we be choosing to think all good and wonderful things? You wouldn't choose to have a negative judgment about yourself or about one of your distributors, would you?

It is true that in every moment we have the possibility of choosing our thoughts however, for the most part the thoughts are coming rather habitually and sometimes automatically - and they are not personal.

Fret not, friends, realizing this is good news for us! Stick with me on this because it is a little abstract at first and then when you see how this plays out in practical ways - you will happily understand. Let me explain.

Change Your World One Thought at a Time? I Don't Think So!

Like everything else in this amazing universe our thoughts take place in a system and as a system - a whole interconnected system. Our system of thinking is based in our worldview.

A world view is very simply what we believe to be true about the nature of reality and how things work, including what we think we are capable of or not, and including what we think is possible or not. Our worldview comes to us from scientists and great thinkers whose job it is to investigate the nature of reality.

Now here is where the disconnect occurs between knowing the wisdom and living the wisdom. We are living in a quantum age - the age of computers and nonlinear results - yet our thinking is still conditioned, unknowingly, by the industrial age - the age of machines and cause and effect.

Universal principles like "thought creates reality," "the power of intent," and the "law of attraction" belong to the new world view reality. Let's call it the quantum view for short. The quantum world view knows: we live in a universe of energy in flux, that consciousness is fundamental to creating, that unity is key, everything is interconnected whole systems, and that life is multidimensional - physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual.

The old world view known as the "classical-mechanical world view" held that matter (the physical) is the only thing that is real. Scientists saw the universe and even ourselves as machine-like, that everything could be reduced to its moving parts. The old world view functions on "cause and effect" - push or pull on an object to get it to move. Push this part, that one moves. How does this map onto our thinking?

In many ways a "mechanical" world view has taught us to become "automatic" too - in the way we think and react and attempt to produce results. We try to push or pull on circumstances to get them to change or be the way we want them to be.

So imagine this: our automatic habits and thoughts are simply a vestige of old world view thinking. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Our unwanted thoughts are not personal - they are cultural!

Now we have the opportunity to take a literal quantum leap and begin to think and live from the quantum world view as a whole system. We have to learn the principles and yes - we also need to know how all the principles work together. We can distinguish between having automatic thoughts and generating "awakened thinking." Thoughts often visit us "uninvited" from the collective mind of humanity. Thinking as a conscious act of creating can only be done in an awakened state. Hence, "awakened thinking" is key to desired results.

Okay, that was the "abstract" part. Now let's look at some practical ways awakened thinking can enhance our real-life results.

Here is what we need to remember:

Old world view thinking is based on cause and effect; circumstances rule.

New world view thinking is based on nonlinear "quantum" connections; intent rules.

Intent Is an Ever-Present Activating Force

Intent is a central aspect of new world view thinking. Intent is not a cause and effect dynamic. (Remember that cause and effect works in the physical, mechanical realm). It isn't that you have a thought "I am generating $100,000 this year" and then that thought instantly brings you $100,000 in your bank account the next day. It isn't that thought "x" creates "y" result.

Intent in this sense is not a future goal; intent is an ever-present activation of the field, a dynamic force that draws to you not just one but many results consistent with it. The opportunities that attract your way will likely bring about the goal of $100,000 though not in the way you might have pictured it. The principle of resonance is in effect as well as what is called in physics "nonlocal connections." Your consciously generated intent conditions the field for such nonlocal connections to be made.

With awakened thinking you become very adept at recognizing the cues and clues from universal intelligence - the things that attract to you consistent with your intent - that you are now free to interact with. A practical way of saying it would be that you take advantage of the opportunities when they arise.

In fact, you can create the intent for "seeing opportunity wherever you are." Thus you will see increased opportunity and realize that your intent is continuously activating those connections. You can do this and master it as a way of life quite easily.

Next week, we will discuss how intent can work instantly in relationships and in building your business.

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