Money & Me

by John Alexandrov

Imagine a world with no scarcity, no lack or deprivation, no fear or unmet needs. Imagine a world where money flows easily, effortlessly and continuously to you and others in ever-increasing amounts. In this world, everything is within your reach spiritually, physically, and mentally. You can "deliberately create" the life you desire and deserve.

First and foremost, deliberate creation requires personal integrity, a true sense of personal honesty. It requires you to be honest with yourself about what you want in and from life and the responsibilities you must take to have it.

We will start the process with a brief look into your life prior to this point. Think back to your younger days. What were the messages (conscious or unconscious) you received about money? List at least three.

Who gave you these messages? Parents? Teachers? Religious leaders, friends or other relatives? What was the impact of those messages on your outlook on life? Make a note of how these messages have affected you.

Very often, people feel these early messages have blocked them from attaining their goals. Was this the case for you? If not, congratulations! If yes, are you ready to change your life course by clearing away those blocks?

Review the messages you received and their impact on you. Decide if you are ready to commit to becoming a new YOU-powerful, happy, and wealthy. Do you truly want to leave behind the self-limiting and impoverishing beliefs that have held you back?

If not, then return to this lesson when you are ready.

Spend the next few days literally saying goodbye to those old beliefs, releasing them and opening up psychic space to create new ones.

In our first step, we explored your past. You reviewed the messages, conscious and unconscious, that you received in your early, formative years. Looking at those beliefs, you made a decision to keep them or release them in order to be open to a better, more prosperous future.

This decision is absolutely critical to the success of changing your relationship with money. If you feel those messages have been useful and enabled you to become successful, then you have little to do here. On the other hand, if you, like most people, have had negative or limiting beliefs about money then you have the opportunity to change and to claim the rich life to which you are entitled.

Examples of frequent money messages:
  • Money does not grow on trees.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Rich people got that way by taking money away from others.
Do these sound familiar? Do you see the underlying negative belief inherent in these messages?

They all seem to say that money is scarce and those who have it are corrupted by it.

Is it any wonder that, with this belief system in your mind, you have not been able to make or keep wealth in your life? And yet, by giving these beliefs power in your life, you are resisting that ever-expanding Universe mentioned in Step One.

Now, list three people who are abundantly wealthy and who have integrity. Why? Because having money does not mean you are corrupt or somehow unethical. Name those people.

Imagine a situation where you have been frustrated by your lack of funds or chosen a lesser course of action for fear of not having enough. How would one of the individuals above have behaved in that situation? Close your eyes and become that person in that situation. How does it feel? Do you have a sense of freedom? Power? Fun? Creativity?

Do this exercise again with the other individuals you identified. Describe the feelings, attitudes and approach you experienced.

For the next few days, keep in your mind this successful individual. Practice living life as he or she would live it. Even try interacting with people in the way you feel your model would. When you are feeling small, call upon your mental model to give you the way to feel big.

This way, you will begin realizing your dream of financial and life success. To deliberately create the life you want requires energy that is expressed through actions. This way of creating is not dormant or passive.

Thinking does create energy but not sufficient enough to create our lives the way we say we want them. Here is an example: Although a battery contains an electric charge, that charge is basically meaningless unless the battery is plugged into a device to allow the charge to create a result. Similarly, creation may start with our thoughts and feelings but by themselves they don't carry a sufficient charge to create significant results in our lives.

Deliberate creation requires the courage to be fully empowered and the willingness to direct that power in a manner that directs us to have a purpose in life, to really manifest our destiny. Marianne Williamson wrote in her book A Return to Love, "it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

Knowing that we are fully capable of deliberately creating our lives exactly the way we want them is much more frightening than believing that a magic genie is going to deliver us what we want. When we drop the victimization and disempowerment stories we can let our light shine and realize our true potential.

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