What Vibes Are You Sending about Your Business?

by Michael Losier

How do things happen in our lives? Essentially we create our world by putting out vibrations or vibes, and in the vibrational world, there are only two kinds of vibrations-negative and positive. Law of Attraction (vibrational energy), is always responding to the vibes you are sending by giving you more of the same-whether negative or positive.

So how does this apply to my networking business?

Negative vibes are sent when you are talking about what you DON'T want or when you worry or complain, feel discouraged or fearful, etc. Every one of these feelings causes you to send negative vibes, and in turn, Law of Attraction gives you more of the same.

Have you ever noticed that you can 'pick-up' or feel someone's vibes, especially when they are sending negative ones? So, if you're sending out negative vibes and your potential client is picking up on that, how do you think they're going to respond to you?

Law of Attraction: You attract more of whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.

At a break-out session at a recent Network Marketing conference, I worked with a group to come up with a list of things they were telling themselves about their businesses. We created a list of over 100 things (mostly negative).

Here are the top 5 common things people were saying about their businesses:
  • It's hard to find people to sign up in my business
  • I keep getting team members who don't stay in the business
  • I have so much doubt about being successful
  • I keep getting rejected when I try to tell others about my business
  • I'm not making the money I want, I'm broke and desperate for more money
Can you hear yourself saying this or something similar? Obviously it's not what you want, but it is what you're vibrating, and Law of Attraction is matching those vibrations perfectly. If you're curious and want to know what vibes you're sending about your business, take a look and see what you're getting - it's a perfect match.

So how can Law of Attraction-a perfect match-er of vibrations, bring you anything other than what you are sending vibrationally?

Change your vibrations and you'll change the results you're getting.

Each time you hear yourself talk about what you DON'T want, and each time you hear yourself complain or observe what you DON'T want, or catch yourself in a negative self-talk pattern, ask yourself this question:

So, what do I want?

In the very moment you hear yourself use the words Don't, Not and No, ask yourself "So, what do I want?" When you go from what you DON'T want to what you DO want, the words change. When the words change the vibes change. Now you're sending a positive vibration that Law of Attraction responds to by giving you more of the same.

What I DONíT want

What I DO want

Itís hard to find people to sign up in my business

To easily attract people

I keep getting team members who donít stay in the business

Team members who eagerly grow their businesses

I have so much doubt about being successful

My confidence grows every day

I keep getting rejected when I try to tell others about my business

Iím attracting people who want to know more about my business and join me

Iím not making the money I want. Iím broke and desperate for more money

My income increases steadily. I have a surplus and abundance of money

Become more deliberate in the vibes you're sending.

Over the next couple of days when you hear yourself say Don't, Not or No. Now you have a tool to help change where you're putting your attention, energy and focus.

Let the question "So, what do I want?" be your favorite new question. Post in on your computer, make it your new password, put it on your bathroom mirror etc. As you change your focus and attention from what you don't want to what you do want, your results will change for the better.

Remember, you don't always get what you want but you ALWAYS get what you vibrate.

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