Don't Wish this Business Was Easier, Wish You Were Better

by Dale Calvert

How many times have you invited someone to an event and they tell you, "Yes, I will definitely try to make it." You KNOW when they tell you that, they have NO INTENTION OF COMING! But you tell them, "Great, I will save you a seat," and then go on your merry way telling yourself that you have a guest that will be coming to the event. When they don't show up, you are disappointed and of course you never see them again.


Some network marketers have been conducting their business like this for months, some years, some for 10 or 15 years. Somehow we just think this is normal, and this is what we do and every now and then, maybe 1 out of 25 times someone will actually show up. The other 24 times, we get to complain to our leader and have people feel sorry for us, because our guest didn't show up. GET A CLUE! If it isn't working, do something different!

Let's take the same example. You invite a guest to an event, you have the same feeling that they have no intention of coming but this time instead of the normal fluff communications that we all do on a daily basis in our society, you say:

"Listen Mr. Jones, I only have a limited number of seats that I can reserve for this event. Are you telling me the truth, are you going to be there, or are you giving me a line like most people?"

Usually (without thinking) people will say: "NO, I told you I would be there and I will be there!" Any other answer they give would be admitting that they were lying when they originally told you they would be there. Do you get this?

Then you say: "Great, here is my number, can I get your phone number?" (Again without thinking, they will tell you their number) "If anything comes up please contact me so I can give your seat to someone else and if there is any change in the time or location I will make certain to give you a courtesy call as well."

This little tip will improve your show up rate by at least 30%. Yes a large majority of people still won't call and won't show up, but NOW YOU HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBER to follow up with.

You must call them immediately after the event. That call should go something like this: "Mr. Jones, this is Dale Calvert. I just wanted to call and make sure you are ok, and that you didn't have car trouble this morning."

Listen and see what kind of creative excuse they come up with for not showing up and not calling, then simply say: "We had a great overview, I had 4 other guests who attended and they are very excited about what they saw and heard. Listen, Mr. Jones, are you still interested in evaluating our company, or can I go ahead and scratch you off my list?"

If they have any interest what so ever, they will not want you to scratch them and at that point you can invite them to your weekly company overview, a conference call, your website, or get an Opportunity CD in their hands. If they say, scratch me, they have zero interest and will do nothing but continue to waste your time and drain your energy.

You see, this is a much better approach than spending the rest of your career deceiving yourself into thinking someone is going to show up as your guest at an event when in your heart of hearts you know they have no intentions of coming.


When you accept human nature and you learn to set up systems and procedures that stack the odds in your favor, everything starts to come together and move forward. You will never win all the time, but you want the greatest returns for the time, energy and effort you put into your business.

One final thought. Work on becoming better and improving your skills and communication abilities. The two greatest benefits of our industry are:

#1 The personal growth and development that is required to become successful. Very few people can do the business with the skills they entered the industry with. If they can, I promise you those people aren't duplicable.

#2 The friendships and relationships that you develop.

By the way, #3 is the lifestyle residual income can provide for you and your family.

FOCUS MORE OF YOUR THOUGHTS ON YOUR STRENGTHS than on the areas where you need to improve. WORK ON AND CREATE ACTIVITIES that help you develop the areas you need improvements, but THINK ABOUT your strengths.

You have a lot of good, you have a lot of areas where you excel, THINK ABOUT those areas, learn to MAXIMIZE YOUR STRENGTHS while expanding your comfort zone in those areas that need improvement.


You don't have to become as accomplished as the top money earners in your company, you just have to become the best you can be, and that will take you wherever you want to go within your business.

I believe in you!

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