Candlelight for the Soul

by Dr. Fran DeLaCruz

Several winters ago, I received a humbling lesson about dedication from my business team. It happened at a point when there seemed to be nothing happening in our business-no matter how many people we spoke with, none of them joined. No matter how many people we showed our products, none of them became customers. This went on for nearly a month until the collective mind of all the members of my team decided enough was enough.

We were going to have a recruiting event to end all events. We were going to talk to so many people that everyone in our city (and possibly our state) knew that this event was going to happen. And then we would have people joining our business in droves, and hundreds of customers begging to buy our products. All we had to do was get a plan for the event (which we called The Big Event) and invite everyone we saw.

The plan was easy. We would put on a high tech multi-media event using introductory music, followed by a breathtaking video, capped off by the world's most impressive Power Point presentation. We put together all the materials, bought extra power cords, and designed every last detail of the presentation.

We then spent the next two weeks inviting everyone we knew who had a pulse and could fog a mirror. We left no stone unturned. Sure, some people said they couldn't make it, but others said they'd definitely be there. Most said they would think about it. We just kept inviting. So by the week of The Big Event, we were certain that there would be at minimum one hundred people.

Then the complications began. Being a physician, I was suddenly scheduled to be on call that night. I was concerned about this, because I was the unofficial leader of the team. Still, I really trusted the people I worked with, and knew they could handle things without me. And they did-with incredible grace in the face of disaster.

As darkness fell, and the evening began, it became clear that our town was not going to have good weather that night. Cold, winter winds blew in, reaching as much as 50 miles per hour. Then, the snow began to fall.

When snow falls, prospects never seem to come to meetings. That night was no exception. Of the one hundred expected, only five showed up for the presentation. But my team knew that they must have been five very motivated people, so they began the showmanship of The Big Event by starting the emotion provoking music. In its midst were thousands of watts of multimedia ready to impress those five souls and draw them into the business. What a show it would be!

And then it happened. Less than a mile away from The Big Event, harsh winds blew on a huge tree, snapping it in half and sending the upper part into an electrical transformer. And there was my team, suddenly sitting in complete darkness with five prospects.

Now, most teams would have thrown in the towel, ending the night's misery right there. But not this team. Instead, they spent the next ten minutes scurrying around the house for flashlights and candles, and one of them dug out a simple company flip chart, which gave the basic details of our company, products and comp plan.

And my team did something simply amazing-they made a complete presentation by candlelight during a power outage. Now, I don't know how many presentations of this type have taken place since the birth of network marketing, but it has to be less than three. I was so impressed and inspired when I heard what happened that I was speechless. "You guys did what?" I kept asking, mystified.

Now, how many people joined the business that night? None. Can you believe that? I mean, if you see someone so dedicated to their work that they continue working during a power failure, you should join them right away. These prospects didn't feel that way, and for a brief period of time, my team's slump continued. But soon thereafter, the business of each one of my teammates that were there that night took off.

As I reflect back, I can see now that for my team, that was the night that changed everything. It showed them that they were committed, that they were tough, and that they were ready to take on any challenge thrown their way. And today, not all of them are successful in network marketing, but all of them are successful beyond what they imagined. And I'd like to think that it all came down to a short evening with candles that illuminated their souls-an evening that I can only wish that every network marketer receives as a gift.

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