Are You Taking Accountability for What You're Attracting?

by Michael Losier

Does the word accountability make your hair stand up on the back of your neck?

Often the word accountability is used in a scolding manner such as "You're not very accountable!" As a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, I've learned about the impact of words and I particularly like reframing a word's meaning. By reframing I mean looking at a word and its meaning from a different point of view. Consider the following reframe of the word accountability.

The word accountability has two words buried within it - the word account and the word ability. Here is a different definition for the word accountability:

"Accountability: my ability to account for why I'm attracting what I'm attracting."

Have you noticed when people attract something wonderful into their life they like to brag and celebrate it, and will often say "I attracted this!"; "This is here because of me!"; "I put it out to the Universe, that's why it's here"; "I'm an awesome attractor"; "My parking angel brought me this parking spot." In all of these cases we do have the ability to account for why we attracted it.

Now let's consider the folks who attract negative or unwanted things to their lives. Here's what they say: "Why is the Universe doing this to me?"; "This is not my fault!"; "I don't deserve this"; "Why me?"

When it comes to attracting negative experiences some people tend to no longer have the ability to account for why they attracted it, yet the reason is the same. They attracted it because they vibrated it!

Often people will ask me "How do I know that I'm getting this Law of Attraction stuff?" My response is "You know when you take full accountability for everything you attract, both the negative and positive!" You don't have to like it-you just have to own it. So, starting today, when you notice you've attracted something you don't like, you can be more curious about it and say "I must have been offering a negative vibration that caused me to attract this negative experience," thus having a different emotional response to what you've just attracted. Play with this concept today and acknowledge that everything you've been attracting is a direct result of the vibration that you've been sending.

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