Signing Up New Distributors Does You No Good if You Canít Keep Them!

by Dale Calvert

I frequently have the opportunity to speak at network marketing seminars around the country-generic events with people from various companies as well as corporate conventions.

When I ask the question, "What is your Retention System?" or "How do you keep people in your business after you recruit them?", the reaction from the public is always the same: they look like a deer staring into headlights..!

These same people can explain their lead generation and recruiting system in fine detail, but they don't have a clue how to keep people from quitting, and active and productive within their organization.

Maybe that is why most companies lose 90% of the distributors who join their organization.

What about you?

How many distributors have left your organization in the last twelve months?

The best book on network marketing I have ever read is Bob Crisp's Raising a Giant. In this awesome book Mr. Crisp says that most distributors quit within 72 hours after joining a network marketing organization!

Maybe they don't quit physically, but mentally and emotionally there out. Why? Because they go into the market place to test the waters, get shot down by friends and family and they are toast!

Let me share with you a couple of points that can help you immediately.

1. Create a welcome team composed of five upline, downline and sideline distributors. Here is the deal, every time one of you has a new member who joins, you email basic information about the person with their phone number and they receive welcome calls from each member of the team.

This action alone will immediately separate you from any other organization they have ever been involved with.

2. Go to work with them. I always told my new distributors to not say a word to anyone until we put a specific game plan together. You have to do your very best not to let people go into the market place like a chicken with their head cut off, running off at the mouth and scaring away good prospects.

The basic system for us is using a DVD to prospect and coming with me on a three-way call to follow up. The new person listens while I talk! As a network marketing leader, you must go to work with your new person.

It is ridiculous to let new, untrained distributors go into the market place and get emotionally and mentally shot down, while we sit back and try to sponsor new people.

Got to work with the people you sponsor, establish a welcome phone team, and you will be moving in the right direction, to start keeping more of the new members that join you team.

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