We Do!

by Mark Yarnell

Recently a young man called to thank me for my new training program The Holy Grail. He was extremely excited because he had just recruited more prospects in one day than he had ever recruited in a previous month.

He was obviously ecstatic, but his primary compliment revolved around the simplicity of our training. He said, "It's so stupid how simple this stuff is! I've spent a small fortune the past few years on complex auto responders, lead lists and training CD's that don't work. This stuff is simple."

He was right. Especially once we learn how to recognize and recruit legitimate prospects which is the subject of our coming Webinar.

At The Holy Grail, we have always realized what the experts understand. Simple, clear strategies result in complex and intelligent actions. Complex and seemingly intelligent strategies often result in simple and unwise behavior. In fact, rich networkers keep it simple and poor networkers complicate everything.

Every day, each of us faces intended and unintended consequences resulting from our activities. The primary law of physics states that unintended consequences always happen while intended consequences may or may not.

Poor networkers expect intended consequences to occur and become immobilized by unintended ones. Rich networkers expect unintended consequences and are grateful for the occasional intended ones that come to fruition.

As leaders, our primary objective is to help people accept, understand and benefit from unintended consequences, while providing the tools to initiate many more intended ones.

Remember: Anyone can enjoy a higher standard of living if they are willing to accept a lower quality of life. Keep it simple, follow our strategies and your quality of life will grow at the same pace as your standard of living.

Network marketing has always had its share of consultants willing to charge huge sums of money for complex systems that seem to be credible. Unfortunately, the more complex and abstract systems often cost the most and accomplish the least.

This business is very, very simple. Don't get sucked into the trap of believing that if you just throw some money into technology, lead lists and personal coaching, you will magically earn the big bucks.

This is a productivity-based business and those who win, invest personal time in real-life relationship building. Emails, lead lists, text messaging and auto responders do not motivate people to change careers and go to work. They lead people further and further into isolated lives.

Yale political scientist Robert Lane has noted that the number of people who describe themselves as "lonely," has quadrupled in the last decade. According to his massive research project, "We have increasingly become a nation of loners…web designers, e-surfers and on-line day traders who live and work in isolation."

People long for human interaction and that's precisely what network marketing is all about. You want a strategic advantage? I'll give you one. Simply approach real live people every day and ask them to join your team.

Knock off the complicated and impersonal process of reaching huge numbers of people by technological means. Sideways smiles and functionally illiterate messages won't cut it if your goal is to build a large organization. Get out among people and call others from your landline.

Remember, in this increasingly complex world, one profession stands apart from all others and allows common people to raise to huge income levels so long as they are willing to socialize. Who gets to participate? We do!

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