How to Become a Master Internet Prospector

by Max Steingart

Learning how to use online social networking web sites will give you free access to millions of people and help make you a master Internet prospector.

Gary turned to the Internet out of desperation to save his networking business and it paid off. His business had only two customers and was going nowhere. Twelve weeks after going online and using various social networking web sites, he had nineteen hundred customers on auto-ship using his company’s products and was on his way to becoming the top distributor in The Netherlands earning over $256,000.

Sheldon turned to the Internet out of inspiration. He was already successful in his business using traditional methods. He enthusiastically recommended the Internet to everyone in his large organization and found the greatest success stories he heard about came from people using Instant Messaging several free social networking sites. When he tried it himself, his business increased by fifty percent in thirty days and he met and married his soul mate.

People usually make changes to the way they do things out of inspiration or desperation. Whether this article inspires you to give the Internet a try, or you’re desperate enough to try something new, using Instant Messaging on social networking web sites can take your business to the next level and beyond by giving you access to the best prospects. Social networking online isn’t just for kids, it’s for everyone.

Instant Messaging on social networking web sites is how millions of people are meeting, networking, dating and doing business. The costs involved on the best sites range from free to under twenty dollars per month while the benefits are enormous. The best free places to meet and network with wonderful people include: MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC, AOL, RYZE and dozens of others. These are your easy alternative to reaching people who will buy from you, work with you and if you want, go out with you next Saturday night.

Social networking sites not only give you access to an unlimited number of buyers for your goods and services. They are set up to help you find, screen, qualify and focus on the best people from the millions of people using the sites. Many of the steps involved in doing business and in connecting with people that become serious buyers and long-term customers can happen faster on the Internet.

Millions of people now use the Internet to communicate with people because it’s so convenient, fast and efficient. It’s also an exceptional way for creating new relationships because it involves a minimal investment of your time, costs you nothing and it truly works.

The days of walking into a room full of strangers to network, socialize, make contacts, and trying to build business relationships face to face is winding down. Now, it’s much easier—and more productive—to meet people online from the comfort of your home or office. You can meet people by simply sitting at your computer and clicking your mouse. You can meet all kinds of people anywhere in the world, make some great friends and do tons of business.

If The Internet has shrunk the world and brought people closer together. Think of everyone sitting in front of their computer as a different colored piece of M&M candy. The red M&Ms are probable customers and the green M&Ms are possible business builders. The other M&M colors represent the people that wouldn’t be interested in what you do or have to offer.

The people who want to talk to you have posted personal information about themselves, their families and their interests on personal profiles that you can read prior to contacting them. Creating and posting a profile is each person’s way of asking and encouraging you to contact them. By simply reading someone’s profile, you know what they like to talk about and how interested they would be in what you’re promoting—before you ever talk to them.

From your vantage point you can:

  1. Contact anyone with similar or intriguing interests.
  2. Know their “hot buttons” before you start a conversation.
  3. Identify people with common backgrounds, experiences and passions.
  4. Have easy, comfortable ways to approach anyone.
  5. Create instant friendships with anyone.

Think of the advantage you have when you possess knowledge about someone before you approach them. Instead of having to bumble around searching for opening lines, you know exactly what to say. You know what subjects to raise in order to get their attention and interest; you also know what positions to take and what to avoid.

Identifying the best people to talk to in most online social networking web sites is as easy as picking the green M&Ms out from all the other colors. You’re only a few clicks of your mouse away from taking your business to another level when you venture online like Gary, Sheldon and thousands of other networkers do every day.

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