How Your Environment Influences The Law of Attraction

by Marie Diamond

We live between Heaven and Earth. Feng Shui, a 4000-year-old science, is based on how the human experience is balanced between the laws of the universe and the planet we live on. By understanding the connection between you, your personal environment and the universe you can use the Law of attraction to its best advantage.

Three Levels of Good Luck

The ancient Feng Shui masters came to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction works on three levels:

1. Spiritual Luck

Your spirit attracted your birth environment and the start of your life experiences. Where, when and how you started your life and with what talents is called spiritual luck. Feng Shui teaches that one-third of what you attract into your life is based on this. Can you change this kind of luck? You can, with prayer and spiritual practice.

2. Human Luck

Your human luck involves the way you think, feel and act in this life experience. Can we change this kind of luck? Of course: improving your mindset, releasing emotions and taking positive action all enhance this one-third of your good luck.

3. Earth Luck

This is the influence of your environment, especially those places where you spend the most time, such as your home and workplace. This is by far the simplest of the three to change.

The Universal FedEx Delivery

During meditation or reflection time, we send out our wishes to the universe through visualization. We start acting as if things are already in place. But do you remember the most important place to act “as if”? Your home and office need to reflect your wishes, as these places are the bridge to the universe. All cultures have created spaces, such as churches and temples, to send out their wishes through prayers and meditation. Your home and office are your daily church and temple for your life. You may be visualizing and saying affirmations several times a day, but your environment reflects your messages twenty-four hours a day to your unconscious mind and to the universe. What you wish needs to be reflected in your environment. You can wish for abundance and great networking opportunities, but if your home or office reflects chaos and clutter, what are you saying to the universe? You have sent your requests and the universe comes back with its FedEx airplane, ready to drop off all the packages that you asked to be delivered, but the pilot says, “It can’t be here, this can’t be the home or office of the person who requested all these riches.” So it takes the packages back or drops them off a mile away. And you are left waiting or frustrated because the universe doesn’t deliver.

Six Feng Shui Tips to Attract Powerful Networking

1. Show gratitude for what you already have by cleaning up and organizing your office. Put enough light in your work space. Let go of the past by removing old files from your office and computer. Hang uplifting images around you. By placing images and symbols in your environment, you infuse your space with their energy twenty-four hours a day.

2. During 2007, the Law of Attraction for networking is the strongest in the Western area of your office. Place a bamboo plant—a symbol of networking—in the West of your office. If you wish to network globally, place a crystal globe. You can also put a board with the names of your upline and downline.

3. During 2007, the Law of Attraction for creating new business is the strongest in the Southeastern area of your office. Place a bubbling fountain with a round-leaved plant next to it as a symbol of eternal growth. You can also put there images or notes for all the new areas you wish to open up in your business or the new people you wish to meet. Place pictures of your short-term goals here as well.

4. During 2007, the Law of Attraction to create larger residual income is the strongest in the Southern area of your office. This is where you’ll want to place your mock million- or billion- dollar bills and display images or items of gold. This is where the “Midas touch” is located for 2007.

5. During 2007, the Law of Attraction to have wonderful long-term goals and investments is the strongest in the Southwest. Place here images or notes that represent long-term goals. Activate this energy by adding the richness of the earth, such as a beautiful gemstone.

6. Be open to the universe and how it will bring you the gifts. In order to see the gifts, you need to see the door, as the universe delivers through the door (not the windows). Position yourself in your office facing the door or so that you can see it without turning your head, and you will open up to all the opportunities coming into your life.

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